December 5

The Dangerous Futility of the Energy Transition in a Single Graphic


During the 1980s-2000s, the U.S. and Europe intentionally transferred their manufacturing and industrial sectors to China.

Since 2015, we have been intentionally transferring our energy security to China.

The chart below illustrates the utter futility of this energy transition.

We are not achieving any real reduction in carbon and other emissions from burning coal. We are simply changing the location from which the emissions are blown into the atmosphere.

But for leftists pushing the spending of trillions of dollars on this pretend transition, the benefit is that the coal plants are not in their backyards anymore. So, they pretend they are accomplishing something real by pointing to their handy green checklists, and thus feel better about themselves.

If you were asked to create a plan to render the U.S. and Europe subservient to China for their future energy security, the Biden energy agenda is the plan you would devise.

Bottom Line: This false and heavily subsidized energy transition has nothing to do with the climate or environment. It is in fact the most massive transfer of wealth and national security in human history.

That is all.


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