The Crude Truth

With Rey Trevino

Sometimes it is good to hear the truth, even though it hurts.

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A Podcast With A Flare

We are thrilled to bring this podcast to the airwaves. We live an age of miss communication, and it is important to hear the truth around energy. Stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy some great conversations.

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 41 Tom Izzo with Speed Pro Frisco/Plano
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 40 True Texas Project. Julie McCarty & Fran Rhodes
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 39 Genevieve Collins, State Director for Texas at Americans for Prosperity
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 38 Jeff Krimmel
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 37 Joseph Batir and Trey Cortez: Geothermal Energy and Whiskey.
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 36 Kindra Snow-McGregor of PetroSkills

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