The Crude Truth

With Rey Trevino

Sometimes it is good to hear the truth, even though it hurts.

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A Podcast With A Flare

We are thrilled to bring this podcast to the airwaves. We live an age of miss communication, and it is important to hear the truth around energy. Stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy some great conversations.

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep.29 The Honorable Martin Frost of Texas
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 28 Robert Bryce
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep 27 Noah Tritz VP at Workstrings International and Prater Benson
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 26 Shar, CEO of Atta Gurl Consulting
THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep.25 Keith Stelter
THE CRUDE TRUTH Exclusive! President Trump has been indicted, now what?? What direction do we go?

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