April 18

THE CRUDE TRUTH Exclusive! President Trump has been indicted, now what?? What direction do we go?


THE CRUDE TRUTH Exclusive! President Trump has been indicted, now what?? What direction do we go?

THE CRUDE TRUTH brings the exclusive to our listeners today!!! Former President #Trump has be indicted, now what?

We talk with #Political #strategist and former #congressional candidates Raven Harrison and Ola Hawatmeh and ask them what will the #republican party do next?

What will Former President Trump do next? And Most importantly what will the #american people do next? Plus the President of the Oil and Gas Workers Association, Matt Coday stops by and answers a few questions.

This is an episode you don’t want to miss.


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00:00 – Intro

03:20 – Talks about President Trump being indicted

06:27 – M.A.G.A – Make America Great Again

09:02 – Why are we not going after President Clinton? / How Much did Clinton pay?

09:22 – Talks about Accountability, Taxpayers and Congress

13:09 – What’s going on out there and what people are saying about this indictment that we had to former President Trump.

13:53 – What are you hearing out there from all the all the oil and gas workers out there?

15:39 – What does this mean in terms of Dollars and Cents to where we are now from where we were with President Trump? Didn’t he have your back?

16:54 – Talks about what Biden Administration and what he did to America

18:01 – Talks about Democrats and Republicans

19:53 – What’s coming around the corner for you guys here at the Oil and Gas Workers Association / Texas House Bill 2374

21:35 – What’s next for America?/ What’s next for the Republican Party And even Donald Trump?

24:03 – They don’t want us to run again and can we expand on that?

26:42 – Republican versus Democrat

29:08 – President Trump is indicted whats next for America

29:57 – Biden and our Economy

31:18 Whats going on Next for Ola Hawatmeh and Raven Harrison / Where to find them

34:18 – Outro


THE CRUDE TRUTH Exclusive! President Trump has been indicted, now what What direction do we go


Rey Trevino [00:00:00] Thank you for tuning in for this The Crude Truth Exclusive, President Trump has now been indided. What’s next for the Republican Party? And most importantly, America? We’re going to talk about that and much more on this Episode of The Crude Truth.

Rey Trevino [00:01:16] Well thank you so much for tuning in to this, The Crude Truth Exclusive, as we all know, not only has President Trump and former President Trump now been indicted, but now that’s the first time in history that something like this has ever happened to a former President.

Rey Trevino [00:01:32] And if this doesn’t have everybody just scratching their head on what’s going on in America, then they have a problem because there’s a problem going on in America. And it is our Department of Justice, our Department of Energy, for obvious reasons, as The Crude Truth.

Rey Trevino [00:01:50] But there’s just so much going on that’s just a problem that I had to do an exclusive. And not only did I have to do an exclusive, but I had to bring in two of the best political strategists on the Republican side.

Rey Trevino [00:02:03] And they’ve also been former candidates themselves and the Congress. Congressional sessions are not Sessions excuse me, I’m running for different offices. I brought on today Raven Harrison and all of what my ladies. How are you all doing?

Raven Harrison [00:02:19] Doing Great!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:02:19] Doing well.

Rey Trevino [00:02:20] Oh, man. Thank you guys so much for coming in. I felt like this needed to be done. I don’t talk to too much about it, but this needed to be said and Done.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:02:30] Absolutely!

Rey Trevino [00:02:30] And it needed to be done. And I got to point this out the elephant in the room that not one of us is white that’s sitting in this table.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:02:37] Well, what’s what’s insane?

Raven Harrison [00:02:38] Well spotted Ray

Rey Trevino [00:02:40] I got to talk about that. I mean, they talk about how everybody that voted for President Trump was white. And there was she was white, was white in a racist and uneducated. And that’s just I got offended by that. And so, you know, that was the main reason and one of the key reasons why I wanted you ladies to come on. Oh! and their, both ladies!!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:03:02] I mean.

Raven Harrison [00:03:03] Thanks for Noticing!

Rey Trevino [00:03:05] Well, it’s just there is so much, there’s like, Oh, well, your husbands forced you to vote for them the first time around, and that he wasn’t getting the votes from suburban moms and the second time around. And it’s like there’s so many lies that have been said and now the first president has been indicted what would you think?

Ola Hawatmeh [00:03:21] Well, coming from New York, I mean, yeah. So two days ago, I had a group of people go down to New York City, and it’s crazy. It’s like Civil War. I mean, what they’re doing to President Trump is insane.

Rey Trevino [00:03:34] Right? And you should see the people that are out there I mean, there are tons of supporters, but also people holding signs with their children, saying things like, finally, there is accountability. This should have happened a long time ago.

Rey Trevino [00:03:49] Wow.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:03:49] Forgetting everything great that President Trump has done in America and dismissing everything or holding accountable. Mister Mr. Biden, I refuse to call him President Biden. Mr. Biden, who has destroyed America, what he’s done with Afghanistan, what he’s done with our troops, what he’s done with with Americans, period.

Rey Trevino [00:04:11] Yeah,.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:04:11] He’s he’s totally delusional. But then you look at Trump and you look at what he’s done. Look at the numbers when he was in office, when he was our president, there is one business that wasn’t doing great. Economy was wonderful. It was just it’s insane. So now it’s just like everyone’s attacking him and it’s an attack not just for President Trump, but I feel like it’s an attack on Americans on us!

Raven Harrison [00:04:35] It is an attack on it’s not about as much. It’s not just about Donald J. Trump. His rights are our rights. And we have to also look at the context. Alvin Bragg campaigned on communism. He campaigned not to serve the people of New York, not to reduce crime. He campaigned to get Trump. That was his platform. Schneiderman did the same thing in terms of the Manhattan DNA. He’s every day he’s looking for crime, look out the window!

Raven Harrison [00:05:04] Okay in any direction in New York if you’re looking for it. But he’s been downgrading his caseload from felonies to misdemeanors. Yes. And now he’s searching for a crime and he’s going to perp walk. And they’re saying, nobody, this was my favorite.

Raven Harrison [00:05:19] The vodka queen said that nobody is above the law and he should prove he’s innocent. That’s how it works now? We are guilty until proven innocent. Okay. PELOSI let me let me go first. Can we prove you’re sober? Can we prove AOC is not useless? Can we also prove that Joe Biden is not sniffing kids at this very moment? Are we or is this the country we’re living in right now? We don’t do that. This is America!

Raven Harrison [00:05:44] And we’d be happy to book you an alcohol chartered flight to one of these countries that you’re allowed to persecute political appointee opponents. But this is going to fall apart this case was paper thin. And if you’re going to perp walk our president, boy, you better keep those handcuffs ready for the big guy in the crack a doodle.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:06:03] It’s insane. It’s insane. I mean, you look at Biden, you look at Clinton, you look at what they’ve done. Where’s the accountability there?

Raven Harrison [00:06:10] Thank you.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:06:10] There was no accountability and now all of a sudden they’re all fuming and they’re saying, no, we have to hold Trump accountable. It’s not because of holding him accountable they dislike President Trump and anyone that dislikes Trump they dislike America.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:06:24] I’m sorry, because everyone that’s pro Trump, when you say MAGA, you know, I see I have a lot of people commenting on things that I post on social media and they’re like, Oh, you lose your MAGAs. What is MAGA? What does it mean, Make America Great Again

Raven Harrison [00:06:38] Make America Great Again!!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:06:39] What is wrong with that?

Rey Trevino [00:06:40] There’s not a thing wrong with it, and you know, what would he first that is that is a genius slogan. Why? Because what means Make America Great Again to me is different than what it means to you and to you and everybody else in America. You can actually resonate with that type of a campaign slogan.

Rey Trevino [00:07:00] I’m with her. Was Hillary Clinton’s in 2016 not Make America Great Again or even Obama’s change or hope was is okay? It was. I’m with her. What does that do? You know, that doesn’t do anything. That’s not a call to action on doing things in America. And you’re absolutely right. And that’s why I wanted to do this episode was because it is an attack on this man and our whole deal because if this man did this thing wrong.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:07:35] What is this thing? What’s this thing.

Rey Trevino [00:07:37] Exactly!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:07:38] Well, want to know what’s this thing? Because when I went out in New York City and we see the people that are against him and they’re saying it’s about time he’s done so many things that were wrong. What were they? I want a list of one thing that President Trump did that has affected your life in the negative.

Raven Harrison [00:07:57] Well, not only that, but can we get you know, for the ones who like to come at me with their feelings, I have to give him a big fat bond here it is. Did Stormy Daniels on that day, so this was Tuesday that this happened? Did she lose again?

Raven Harrison [00:08:12] And now is ordered to pay him 120,000 more in addition to the $300,000 she was ordered to pay for losing the last case against him. Isn’t this what this case was predicated on? Is anybody talking about that?

Ola Hawatmeh [00:08:25] No, they refuse. They will not talk about that and they won’t talk about anything about Biden.

Rey Trevino [00:08:30] Well, that’s the deal right now. You know, we could talk we could go off on President Biden and everything that he has going on, but he is President. And so if we’re actually going after former presidents, well, let’s let’s focus on what this is. We have now gone after a former president to stop him from running for office again thats The Crude Truth.

Raven Harrison [00:08:55] That’s communism.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:08:56] Absolutely!

Rey Trevino [00:08:56] That’s of the man of the republic. So it’s like if you’re telling me this $180,000  that was paid that wire. Look, the obvious is why are we not going after President Bill Clinton now for what he did?

Ola Hawatmeh [00:09:08] How much how much is Clinton pay?

Raven Harrison [00:09:11] Over $858,000 thousand dollars.

Rey Trevino [00:09:14] And so please tell me, what’s the difference? There is no difference

Raven Harrison [00:09:17] About 700,000 for 200, Alex. So that is it’s always context and that’s what it is. Pelosi Talking about accountability. Is this the insider trading queen? Okay. So accountability is always interesting when it’s not you that we’re talking about.

Raven Harrison [00:09:36] But at the end of the day, this is what that’s the most telling thing I think that the American people need to hear when they say he, you know, we will stop him. He shouldn’t be president. It’s not your choice, okay? It is we the people decide.

Raven Harrison [00:09:52] And so that’s what these politicians have gotten wrong, is that and now how much money is this going to cost? Another, you know, taxpayer funded because they say government funded. There is no government funded. Government has no money no, it’s taxpayer funded this do your job!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:10:08] When we ran for Congress, they don’t want us in Congress. No, we don’t want outsiders in Congress because, I mean, it’s the truth.

Rey Trevino [00:10:16] It is The Crude Truth

Ola Hawatmeh [00:10:16] They don’t want people that are actually freedom fighters that are going to fight the fight for the right reason, not for power, not for money, but for the people. And you don’t have a lot of people in Congress doing that.

Rey Trevino [00:10:28] Now, I’m not as much of an insider as you guys are, but, you know, when they made a big stink about us, Congressman Matt Gaetz holding out here back in June whenever. And everybody’s like, he’s being this is like, no, there were rules that Pelosi had put in place years ago that the other that Congressman Ryan kept the same, basically all these rules. And he as an outsider goes, we need a change this back to the way it was so that not just a handful of people decide what Congress, what bills go in and out.

Raven Harrison [00:11:00] And I want to say something about that because I was watching that intently. And this is about the American people. We asked the Republican Party to grow a backbone and stand up and push back. And then when they pushed back, everybody was like, Oh, not now, you know, or they’re traitors. I folded like cheap lawn chair.

Raven Harrison [00:11:19] So for the ones who were calling those people traitors and everything, this is exactly what we asked them to do. We asked them to push back, we asked them to grow back and we asked them to hold the line. And that’s what they did so bravo to those 19.

Rey Trevino [00:11:33] I’m glad you know, you brought up we the People in the American Backbone. And today I also brought have Matt Coday here with us that is boots on the ground. He’s the president of the Oil and Gas Workers Association.

Rey Trevino [00:11:45] And I wanted to bring him in also to hear what’s going on and what what others are seeing out there right now, because there is a lot of silence for the media. There’s a lot a lot of people talking.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:11:56] Everyone’s afraid. Even Fox, even Fox, you’ll find them kind of. I mean, you saw Walker that  day like commenting about Trump. You know, it’s very dangerous having him out there in the open. It’s like they want him to be murdered.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:12:08] But they’re everyone’s walking on eggshells.

Rey Trevino [00:12:11] Thats Right. Yeah!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:12:11] And the Republican Party going back to what you said. Not only do they not have a backbone, but they are so divided. We have the rhinos and especially in New York, we do not I mean, the Republican Party, we are not one we do not fight together.

Raven Harrison [00:12:24] We will. You need to get better about that but I have a lot of people who said to me, well, you know, a soft Republican is better than a Democrat. How?

Rey Trevino [00:12:31] How?

Ola Hawatmeh [00:12:32] No.

Raven Harrison [00:12:32] How?

Rey Trevino [00:12:33] Well, let’s bring in Matt. Matt, are you there?

Matt Codey [00:12:36] I am.

Rey Trevino [00:12:37] Hey, how are you doing Matt?

Matt Codey [00:12:39] Hey I am great Rey Ola, Raven, great to be on with you.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:12:43] Hey, Matt and thank you for our heat and lights come on, now!

Matt Codey [00:12:49] Well, oil and gas workers, power of the nation fuel the world bring the heat

Raven Harrison [00:12:53]  Power, the Patriots.

Rey Trevino [00:12:56] That’s right. You guys are bringing the heat back. And you know, we asked you to come on today because, as you know, I’ve got some political strategist here in studio. However, we want to know what’s going on out there and what people are saying about this indictment that we had to former President Trump.

Rey Trevino [00:13:14] It’s very simple. This is just the weaponization of yet another office in this country against American workers and families. This attack from Alvin Bragg’s office on President Trump is no different than the weaponization of the EPA, transportation and other agencies against American oil and gas workers.

Rey Trevino [00:13:32] Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, when you’re out there and you’re talking to everybody, you know, you know, we’re not getting a lot of we’re not hearing a lot from people that are really just pro-American, pro freedom and more importantly, pro constitution. What are you hearing out there from all the all the oil and gas workers out there?

Matt Codey [00:13:52] One word, and I’m not sure I can say it on a podcast, but this is. Yes. You know, I heard you all talking about previous presidents and how this certainly opens up the possibilities of prosecuting previous presidents. I heard you’ll talk about Bill Clinton. I specifically want to talk about Barack Obama.

Raven Harrison [00:14:11] Oh, yeah.

Matt Codey [00:14:11] He and Joe Biden, during their eight year administration, sold out American workers families nonstop. Do we then go back to a Barack Obama, Joe Biden and former Secretary of Hillary Clinton, who ignored the pleas from Americans in Benghazi for additional security and left them to die at the hands of terrorists. Do we now go back? Do we prosecute them for revenge on Americans just like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris abandoned our Marines in Afghanistan there in their quote unquote, botched withdrawal.

Rey Trevino [00:14:41] Come on, Matt Preach!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:14:41] .I completely agree with you. I mean, the only president that I see I mean, President Trump always put America first. Obama did it, Biden certainly didnt.

Raven Harrison [00:14:54] And they’ve tried to make that a dirty word. And I just want to go on record of saying, my God, well, you’re on it. Is this because I’m not only, you know, with being Native American, I’m only in America first. I’m a first American.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:15:06] Amen.

Raven Harrison [00:15:06] So this is this is the stewardship of this great land that we should all be appreciative of.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:15:11] Absolutely.

Raven Harrison [00:15:12] And I’m telling you, that was the fact they’ve tried to turn this into a dirty word. I have two parents who were Air Force colonels and they bled for this country. And I’m telling you, this is what it is. But, Matt, you’re speaking the language we all had.

Raven Harrison [00:15:26] We were thriving when President Trump was here we had cheap gas we had you know, we were exporting. Is that correct? What is the dollars and cents? Matt, to you with you know, people can talk about their outrage. What does this mean in terms of dollars and cents to where we are now from where we were with President Trump? Didn’t he have your back?

Matt Codey [00:15:47] He certainly did. And that’s why America’s oil and gas workers love President Donald J. Trump. You know, a lot of people point back to the Barack Obama and Joe Biden administration and talk about the roaring economy. Now, Obama and Biden were the beneficiaries, not the instigators of the shale revolution in America.

Matt Codey [00:16:05] And people like Harold Hamm, the CEO of Continental Resources. Of all of the technologies they really advocated and pushed for us to be the energy dominant country that we became during the Obama-Biden administration.

Matt Codey [00:16:21] Well, left up to Obama and Biden, they wouldn’t have had to happen, but they wrote Our industry did better jobs numbers, an increase in GDP and booming exports and a roaring economy. But at the end, they caved radical environmentalists and started to weaponize the threat of federal agencies against our industry, our jobs, our families and our nation.

Matt Codey [00:16:42] Now, President Trump from day one, talked about putting American workers and families first and whether we are Republican, Democrat or independent. America First should not be a controversial subject.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:16:54] Absolutely. And when Biden became president, the first industry he attacked was your industry. That’s right. Was your industry and that.

Raven Harrison [00:17:03] Day one.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:17:04] From day one. It was never about America he put China first. He put everyone first.

Raven Harrison [00:17:11] Ukraine first,.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:17:12] Ukraine first. No one speaks up as you said, Republicans, we need a backbone we need to stand up for what’s right and speak up.

Raven Harrison [00:17:22] And we need your help. This is getting expensive you guys done your taxes? I think I owe Ukraine money.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:17:27] Well, every industry, it’s not just the oil industry every industry in America has been affected and hurt from small business owners to farmers. Everyone has been affected with the Biden Administration.

Raven Harrison [00:17:39] Anybody who has to fill up their gas tank, anybody who has to eat, who’s been in the grocery store, anybody who is worried about our southern border being wide open and crime spiking everywhere, which makes even what they did to President Trump even more, you know, deplorable.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:17:56] That’s why we can’t give up. I mean, I say we run we have to run again.

Raven Harrison [00:18:00] Well, we definitely have to keep them but we have to understand that we’re not only fighting Democrats. That’s a known quantity. We’re fighting these soft Republicans who don’t want us exposed. They’re not doing your job. Nobody wants to hear your speeches, do your job.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:18:14] That’s one of the problem that’s the failing America. I trust a Democrat before I trust a rhino. The rhinos, I mean, their intel, they sit when they come to committee meetings, they come to they join the Republican Party and they and they sit there and they listen to us and they go and they feed the Democrats. That’s how they get their votes.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:18:33] I don’t trust the Rino or at least the Democrat we know where they stand. Right. You know how liberal their minds are. So we know where they stand. The rhinos that have taken over America, you know, that’s why we need more, more Republicans. But we can’t as we’re conservatives, like I will not compromise my values to please anyone.

Rey Trevino [00:18:55] And that’s that’s the important thing that, you know, as conservatives, we do need to be a little bit more loud and let people know, hey, we’re not here to compromise. No.

Raven Harrison [00:19:03] we don’t compromise with communism.

Rey Trevino [00:19:05] No we don’t know.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:19:06] Absolutely. No, we’re in America.

Rey Trevino [00:19:07] We’re in America for that.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:19:08] I mean, as a first generation, I mean, I do not want to wake up an America is turn into a third world country.

Rey Trevino [00:19:15] No.

Raven Harrison [00:19:15] And it’s getting there fast. I mean, I was born in Texas, and you should see with our border wide open, you know, we had, what, 9 million, you know, people come across that border and and Biden is wanting us to sing Kumbaya.

Raven Harrison [00:19:29] And I’m telling you, it’s our roads are crumbling, our hospitals are stuffed, our schools are stuffed. We are unsafe. No. And then what is Joe Biden’s people? Don’t we got to grab the guns. Are you talking about the same guns that you’re protected when somebody wait Joe Biden up and ask him if these are the same guns he’s being protected by?

Matt Codey [00:19:48] Right.

Rey Trevino [00:19:49] Hey, man, I tell you this. You tell me real quick. You know, what’s coming around the corner for you guys here at the Oil and Gas Workers Association. Real quick before we let you go, and how can you…

Matt Codey [00:20:00] Happen to be an event in Houston coming up on the 21st that we’re working with or working on and with one of the badass congresswomen who was not afraid to stand up back in January and say, Hey, hang on just a minute, we’re just not automatically going to line up behind Speaker McCarthy.

Matt Codey [00:20:16] But two of my favorite people back then were Chip Roy of Texas and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert out of Colorado. So we have an event coming up in Houston on the 21st. Congresswoman Boebert.

Matt Codey [00:20:28] Also right now, we’re working on pieces of legislation both at federal level and state. There’s one bill right now in Texas that I want everybody to pay attention to, and it’s Texas House Bill 2374 that bans gas bans. You see the city of Dallas move to ban gasoline powered engines. And we just think of that as a. California thing or, you know, other misguided state things.

Matt Codey [00:20:50] It is coming here, like communism seeping into our schools, like the people sweeping across our border on a daily basis. And like she said, flooding our schools, our hospitals, our roads, taking out jobs, draining our social services. We need to make sure that we act now and keep Texas Tech savvy. Keep America, America.

Raven Harrison [00:21:11] That’s right.

Rey Trevino [00:21:12] Well, Matt, thank you so much for coming on and I do appreciate it. And you keep up the good fight with the Oil and Gas Workers Association, sir.

Matt Codey [00:21:20] I thank you all for having me on.

Raven Harrison [00:21:21] Bravo, Matt. Bravo.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:21:23] Nice to meet you, Matt.

Rey Trevino [00:21:24] So, guys, here it is. It’s been done with the indictment we’re. We’re here on a Tuesday. Thursday? This. This happened on Tuesday. What’s next? What’s next for America? What’s next for the Republican Party And even Donald Trump? What are going to be his next move? We saw he had a rally that night.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:21:43] Well, they will not give up and we cannot give up. You know, the left is not going to give up until until there’s there’s a civil war. We cannot give up. We have to keep fighting. Like I said, I sent a group of friends and different people that I know from upstate New York to the city. And we just have to make our voices heard.

Raven Harrison [00:22:05] We have to do that. So I would say what’s next is people like, we need a sign. That was it. Okay. So they they tried to perp walk. So here’s what I know Donald Trump is going. They just basically handed him the nomination because his donations, everything.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:22:20] $5 million.

Raven Harrison [00:22:21] $7 million dollars,.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:22:22] 7 now? wow!

Raven Harrison [00:22:24] Up to 7 million. But see, this is what this has been the trend. If anybody is paying attention every time they’ve attacked him, he’s gotten stronger. He comes out like a boss. If I was Donald Trump, I would be charging for those mug shot selfies for people to be taking selfies in the White House with them.

Raven Harrison [00:22:39] So, Donald Trump, you know, the doors that God opens, no man can close and I really believe so. That’s what they’re doing. We are raising up. So what that means, press your legislators, your congressmen. If you haven’t been in touch with your congressmen to ask what they’re doing to support this and fight back against us, that’s part of the problem.

Raven Harrison [00:22:57] So we don’t need faith without worse guys is dead so we need to report to this line. You know, you know, this was 1776. We’d already have tea in the harbor. We’d be fighting over the great harbor right now. So come on.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:23:08] You know, our kids don’t even know, what, 1776.

Raven Harrison [00:23:11] They need to invest on us.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:23:13] Thats another thing that’s another thing you look at all these shootings and you look at transgender, you look at what’s going on in our schools. And they are neglecting to focus the issue of our kids, what’s happening in America today. And they’re focusing on on Trump.

Raven Harrison [00:23:27] But they if the kids don’t see us fight, they’re not going to fight. So they need to see us engaged, voting, supporting, donating, calling, blowing up the phones, because what we had everybody do was a mad tweet fest, wasn’t it? This is horrible. Okay. We know it’s horrible. What are you going to do about it? get busy!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:23:47] Absolutely.

Raven Harrison [00:23:48] And that’s when you laning your get up and go and do something and if you can’t be on the front line, support those of us who are.

Rey Trevino [00:23:56] Well, you brought up a great point you made a comment a little while ago that said they don’t want us to run again and can we expand on that? Because here we are as all Republicans in for four people out there that don’t understand there is a difference and a split, unfortunately, are divide, I should say, in the Republican Party. Can you expand on that a little bit?

Ola Hawatmeh [00:24:17] Well, I’m considered an outsider. You know, I appreciate and I love the freedom I have. I do not work for the party I work for the people. And and they want candidates that work for. The party Backroom deals pay for play these things exist in America, and I and I’m not a part of it. And neither neither is my sister here. We are not a part of that.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:24:42] I mean, we are doing this for the people, putting in our own money, working seven days a week out there on the streets, grassroots campaigning. And it’s like, no, they want feelings. They want people that are going to be machines that are actually going to not make change.

Raven Harrison [00:24:59] And that’s what they want. And I tell people all the time, it’s impossible to heal in the same environment that made you sick. We need term limits. We’ve got to get these people out. But I’m telling you that this is what it is. And they like to use the word leadership. They scare people because if they can scare you, they can control you.

Raven Harrison [00:25:15] So they like to say, okay, but we need leadership. And I tell people the Titanic had experienced leadership, too. Okay. So what we have to remember is we need real people who are going to get the job done. Stop listening to the they’ve been there for decades. If they haven’t done it in decades, they’re not going to do it now.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:25:33] Whos holding them accountable?

Raven Harrison [00:25:34] None we are!

Ola Hawatmeh [00:25:36] None, No one is holding them accountable, we are. And we’re making noise and people I mean, that’s why we.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:25:40] Well its Noise But it has to be sophisticated action

Ola Hawatmeh [00:25:45] That’s the thing, creating coalitions throughout America. I mean, I’m working with different candidates throughout America and doing grassroots and motivating them. We need to motivate the people. We’re creating different coalitions throughout America. Speaking up. If you are a parent, you should be concerned what’s happening in our schools. If you’re of first generation. I mean, you look at the freedom that we have in America.

Raven Harrison [00:26:07] That’s right. Oh,.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:26:08] Appreciate that. Don’t take that for granted.

Raven Harrison [00:26:10] Or you’re just going to be describing it to your kids. Both my parents are Air Force colonels. I don’t want to tell you what not turning your homework looked like in my house, but if you can tell you that veterans and they fought for this

Ola Hawatmeh [00:26:22] For everyone to be from.

Raven Harrison [00:26:24] So whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, I think it’s important. I am fighting for your right to disagree with me that you have that freedom to decide how you want to do you that.

Rey Trevino [00:26:35] No. And that’s that is the crude truth is that we have the right to argue about about these things in America, Republican versus Democrat, and have a good argument and then come up with a way to come in the middle. And whatever reasons that has just gone out the window.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:26:51] It’s gone out the window because they look at us as immediately, you guys are Democrats. Why? Because what? Because we’re a minority.

Rey Trevino [00:27:00] Yeah, they are.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:27:01] They create division you create division we’re conservatives. I mean, we want peace. We want we want to unite, but we will not compromise and we can not compromise. And it’s it’s I mean, that’s what our kids. That’s what they’re feeding our kids.

Rey Trevino [00:27:16] Yeah.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:27:16] I mean, I posted something about I’m going to bring it up, the masks, you know, and someone’s like, Oh, you still worried about these losers? Okay, would you take your kids to a grocery store and they see someone wearing a mask? Does that not instill fear or question or doubt? It’s not normal.

Rey Trevino [00:27:34] It’s not normal. Yeah, it’s definitely not.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:27:36] Especially after the fact that came out after Foushee. I mean, that’s like, let’s open up that knowable.

Raven Harrison [00:27:41] Even before RT i was not doing that so.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:27:42] Vaccines and everything else.

Raven Harrison [00:27:44] This is America.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:27:45] Can you imagine if President Trump was president and what happened with the vaccine?

Raven Harrison [00:27:50] No. Then we would have already had him arrested. I’m surprised he hasn’t. I’m pretty sure he’s cut the mattress tag off at least once. I mean, this has gotten this is insane.

Rey Trevino [00:27:59] You’re absolutely I mean, I hadn’t really thought about that, that if he was president right now, what would be going on? But the whole the whole sense of of what’s going on right now and and, again, it’s it’s it’s unheard of.

Rey Trevino [00:28:12] You know, I was at a conference the other day and in the oil and gas industry and we were talking about if China actually becomes a good partner with Saudi Arabia. And the answer there was, oh, that won’t happen, you know.

Raven Harrison [00:28:27] Right.

Rey Trevino [00:28:28] Well, and I said, well, you’ll have mentioned the fact that we had a worldwide shutdown for three months. And oh, by the way, Russia invaded a country that was unprovoked. Those are two things that we had never. Ever thought would happen that a war would start just because of another country. Like literally goes, I need like Im takin it

Raven Harrison [00:28:50] I did.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:28:50] True.

Rey Trevino [00:28:52] But the fact that we were shut down for three months or less was world. And it’s like the look, President Trump was president, for goodness sakes. Okay? Everything. It’s off the table. Like everything is on the table now, is what I’m saying so you know who knows what’s going to happen next. And the fact that he has now been indicted.

Rey Trevino [00:29:10] It really opens up a dangerous can for the future on this type of stuff to even continue because what he’s been indicted for good, bad or indifferent, comparatively speaking. Is so. And I don’t mean I’ve got to say it’s all irrelevant so.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:29:28] Extremely well, but especially when you’re going on in America today.

Rey Trevino [00:29:30] Right. And so this is which I like going after when, you know, there’s so many conspiracy theories out there on all the other former administrations and what they got away with. So this and this is going to be the accountability that the man paid 120,000.

Raven Harrison [00:29:46] And that he has to go seven years in the past to find a crime in New York.

Rey Trevino [00:29:50] Yes, That’s the other thing.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:29:51] You remember the recession with Obama.

Rey Trevino [00:29:53] Yes.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:29:54] And then who got us out? I mean, look at what Trump did and then Biden. Right now, our economy is we’re we’re in bad shape. We are in the worst shape ever.

Rey Trevino [00:30:05] We are not in a good spot

Ola Hawatmeh [00:30:06] Now they’re focusing on on on Trump, on President Trump because of personal.

Rey Trevino [00:30:10] It’s a distraction.  .

Ola Hawatmeh [00:30:12] It’s a huge distraction look at what’s going on with Afghanistan and what Biden’s doing behind the scenes with China. I mean, let’s focus on that because that’s affecting America.

Rey Trevino [00:30:21] Okay.

Raven Harrison [00:30:22] And isn’t Joe Biden under criminal investigation right now? Yeah. Is anybody talking about this, Mueller? This is what we’re and Hunter, remember, I’m old enough to remember when they said Biden’s hunter’s laptop was misinformation.

Rey Trevino [00:30:35] Yes.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:30:35] Yeah.

Raven Harrison [00:30:37] Well, and see, that’s the problem and unfortunately, we can’t do it today. But those are the things that we should be focus on. China, The petrodollar is going, you know, in my industry and that industry. You know, that’s a whole thing that the investigation that President Biden is under. But yet this is the distraction that the world has and that’s.

Raven Harrison [00:30:58] No this the distraction that the left has and we I always say justice dies in the dark. And so I carry a big floodlight. So we’re going to keep talking about it and keep it in the.

Rey Trevino [00:31:11] In the forefront.

Raven Harrison [00:31:11] That’s right. We got to do that. So, like I said, wait, Joe Biden up. You’re under investigation, pal.

Rey Trevino [00:31:17] Well,Ola you know again, thank you so much for coming in. You know, what do you got going on here in the near future? And also, how can people get a hold of you? Well.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:31:27] You can go on my American one you have my podcast. See what my show on American one. And I’m I guess, you know, they had me running for supervisor in New York, endorsed by the conservatives and the Republicans today they’re telling me that the acceptance letter is is due and everything else.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:31:47] So it’s just like it’s I’ve been campaigning literally and I always say, win or lose, you never give up. When I won on primary night and then I lost due to mail in ballots, I still went out there passing out PPE throughout the district. I still did Zoom calls. It was during COVID. You don’t give up. So. You can’t turn your back on on on the issues If you have that fire in, you know.

Ola Hawatmeh [00:32:13] Thank You Raven you have a Book, get ready to come out.

Raven Harrison [00:32:17] I have a book that is out on pre-sale right now.

Rey Trevino [00:32:19] Pre Sale Fighting the Betrayal of America Ravens Mantle by Raven Harrison. Raven Harrison What else you’ve got come around the corner?

Raven Harrison [00:32:26] Well, the book is coming out. It’s due to be out around, I think, just after Memorial Day, possibly 4th of July. But we’re going to talk about it. My parents were in the Pentagon, 911, talk about the Cold War. We’re going to I’m going to give you some raw it’s coming, but we’ve got that. I’ve got the podcast Ravens Radar and I’ve got various speaking engagements as Raven, the conservative warrior,.

Raven Harrison [00:32:49] So you can find me on social media or Raven Harrison dot com if anybody’s looking for me. But we’re going to be busy I mean it’s nobody said God didn’t say all things were easy he said all things were possible but we’re going to be zigzagging getting the word out there fighting for conservatives.

Raven Harrison [00:33:05] Oh men Amen well, ladies, I cannot thank you guys enough for coming on to the crude truth for this exclusive to talk about what’s going on right now in America. It’s all listeners out there. Please be sure to like, subscribe and leave a nice positive five star comments only, of course, but if you have any questions also, please send them in. I’ll be more than happy to answer them. So thank you all very much and we’ll see you next time. On The Crude Truth.



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