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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 86 Janna Johnson and Kristy Kerns


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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 86 Janna Johnson and Kristy Kerns

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Rey Treviño [00:00:00] Our mind is our biggest obstacle. We talk about that and much more on this episode of The Crude Truth.

Narrator [00:00:07] In 1901 at Spindletop Hill near Beaumont. The future of Texas changed dramatically. As, like a fountain of fortune, thousands of barrels of oil burst from the earth towards the sky. Soon, Detroit would be cranking out Model TS by the millions and America was on the move. Thanks to the black gold being produced in Texas, now, more than a century later, the vehicles are different, but nothing else has truly changed. Sure, there may be many other alternative energy sources like wind and solar and electric. But let’s be honest. America depends on oil and entrepreneurs. And if the USA is truly going to be independent, it has to know the crude truth.

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Rey Treviño [00:01:25] Well, hello again and thank you, as always, for tuning in to another episode of The Crude Truth. We’re down here at our Austin studio again for what’s going to be just an amazing episode today. I can already feel it. Pre-production, discussions have just been off the chart. As you could hear from my teaser, we’re going to talk about our minds today and how you may have negative naysayers out there and people that may be rooting against you. But if you don’t have your mind, right, as my father likes to say, you ain’t doing nothing. So I’m just so, so excited today because, we just have on somebody that’s just so great. But also on today, I’ve brought once back on a great co-host, life coach and motivational speaker, keynote speaker, Kristy Kerns. Kristy, how are you?

Kristy Kerns [00:02:11] Oh, amazing. How are you?

Rey Treviño [00:02:12] Oh, my goodness, I can’t complain. How’s Austin treating you so far?

Kristy Kerns [00:02:15] I love it here.

Rey Treviño [00:02:15] It’s nice. Right?

Kristy Kerns [00:02:16] beautiful. Yes. Thank you for having me.

Rey Treviño [00:02:18] Oh, well, thank you so much. What have you been up to?

Kristy Kerns [00:02:21] Well, I don’t know what to tell you how long. I know we have a lot.

Rey Treviño [00:02:27] You’ve been busy.

Kristy Kerns [00:02:28] I have been busy and traveling a lot. Yes, doing a lot of things. It’s been amazing.

Rey Treviño [00:02:32] Well, good. You know, I’m so glad. And then thank you for coming on again, because, our guest today is somebody that is a bestselling author. Somebody that book has really skyrocketed in the last three months, I think. And, our guest, she’s actually even been so vulnerable in this book. The name of the book is. I’m going to do this, Un*uck your mind. Our guest today is Janna Johnson. Janna, how are you?

Janna Johnson [00:03:02] I’m doing great Rey. Thank you for having me.

Rey Treviño [00:03:04] Oh, my gosh, thank you so much for coming on. And it’s just so awesome. And your book is freaking amazing. I’ve told gentleman about it all over the place. Like you have to read this book, because of, kind of what we talked about in a previous like your mind, if you don’t have your mind right, you can’t get anything done. But that’s literally just the tip of the iceberg of your book on your mind, which I love it. I mean, I’m gonna have to click the button that says, no, this episode is not for chicks.

Janna Johnson [00:03:33] Well, I appreciate that. And, you know, the the title of the book came actually quite easy for me because, I’ve always been tall. I was like a sailor. But just because that’s what it is, right? We just get it our own way. Yeah. And it’s so easy to point the finger, to point the finger at what happened and who and if this and if that. But honestly, we just got to point the finger into the mirror and and and for ourselves.

Rey Treviño [00:04:05] Yeah. Well, one time I remember, Kristy, you said a long time ago, like, if you have somebody pointing one finger at you, there’s literally point back at you.

Janna Johnson [00:04:13] That’s absolutely true.

Rey Treviño [00:04:15] Yeah. That it really kind of opened up my eyes in a lot of ways. When you see people and they’re, they do point the finger at Jesus like, you got something wrong with you to get something.

Janna Johnson [00:04:25] Absolutely. That’s it. And, you know, I, I noticed as I healed and I went through this process right a and unfucking my mind and shattering my limiting beliefs that my circle around me changed, my environment changed. And as that happened, I realized that my the healing that I was doing inside was shining a light on other people’s insecurities. And, and, and I’m speaking about people who were, you know, who I was very close. I was like, oh, I’ll be Ryder dies until, you know, 90. Yeah. And. The people you least expect it from. But there’s there’s something to be said about others sharing in each other’s misery, so to speak. And when someone heals the people around you, you either got a level up or they just fall out. Yeah, I like to say that your your light is shining so bright that the darkness can’t come with you. One of your people had the darkness and they cannot come with you. You got to go. Yeah. That’s true.

Rey Treviño [00:05:25] Yeah. You know, your book again, like I said, you know, I tell everybody it’s about, you know, clearing your mind, getting over the obstacle. But like I mentioned a second ago, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And, you know, when it when I’m, you know, was looking at trying to get you on the show and Kristy was like, oh, my gosh, this lady’s story resonates with so many people. Kristy was one of.

Kristy Kerns [00:05:47] Myself, obviously. You had Lyme disease? I have Lyme disease. It’s, a subject that’s not talked about at all, you know, and so many people don’t understand. There’s different strands. And actually, you know, I like to say I had Lyme disease even though it stays dormant. And so if you could just happen a little bit about, we both did the holistic approach. But what made you strive for that and what happened?

Janna Johnson [00:06:10] Well, that is because conventional medicine belt me. You know, I was one of the few 30% of people that get Lyme disease. I actually had the bullseye rash. You did, but I was unaware. I didn’t even know what Lyme disease was. This was back in April of 2000. And oh, and so, you know, I’ve always kind of been a country girl. And so I see this rash and I’m just like, it does an itch. It doesn’t hurt. I felt fine at the time, so I ignored it. And then just fast forward about six months and my life, my symptoms started to creep in and my life start to change. And and I can no longer function. And and I had my two I have three kids. My two oldest at the time were were one and three. And you know, it’s easy to chalk it up to just being a mom of young kids, right? So to answer your question, I start to feel really, really bad and that neurological symptoms are quite severe. And so I do what most people do. You go to the doctor and at that point, 2012, you didn’t really hear about functional medicine. Not like today. I didn’t even know what it was. And so I went to about 14 doctors and about about a ten, ten, 12 month span and was told it was your is my thyroid and hormones and all this other stuff. But I still knew deep down inside. But but what? Why? Because I was fine. I’ve never had any health issues and 31 years old and I, you know, there’s there’s got to be some reason that this my body’s turned against me. And so after conventional medicine literally felled me and started the testing for, for Lyme disease conventional test. And that’s when that’s when and all my studying I found functional medicine. And it resonated with me because it doesn’t look for a Band-Aid. It looks to find the root cause of why you’re sick. And functional medicine is what finally diagnosed famous Lyme disease amongst a whole array of things. And, you know, that it resonated with me in the holistic approach just made sense. And conventional. I mean, functional medicine is not actually what put me on the path to the essential oils and what I did to get well, but but but the doctor supported me in it.

Kristy Kerns [00:08:29] That decision that you made. Yes. Okay. Yeah. Very interesting. And also the functional medicine obviously help you tap into unfucking your mind. So as an internal.

Janna Johnson [00:08:39] Yeah, I mean I would, I would say instead of functional medicine, I would say it was more about Lyme disease did okay. Lyme disease was the first catalyst. And I’ve put this in the book, I didn’t put first catalyst. Lyme disease was the first catalyst that got me to realize, hey, when I was so sick with Lyme disease and I decided to believe I could get well and I could heal. Ideally, one can be eradicated from your body, I believe if you want. If you want to believe it lies dormant, then it does. I believe it can be radically on your body. And the day day. I almost took my own life because the symptoms were so bad. I just was like, I can’t live like this anymore. I can’t think this way anymore. It’s not working. I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I got well and I looked back a few years later, I realized when I changed the way I thought, what actions followed that was the first catalyst to me, and then ended up being about nine, eight years later that I had the second and final catalyst, which was an ultimate heartbreak in in my and in a marriage. And that earth shattering heartbreak is ultimately what put me on the path to unfucking my mind.

Rey Treviño [00:09:51] That’s powerful. And then, you know, when you talk about that, I believe in, you know, and that’s what you’re saying. You. I believe this. I am not going to do this. Why do the old joke that I always hear about the older lady? Yeah, well, you know that got Parkinson’s disease and you know that the doctor said, hey, I got Parkinson’s. He goes, well, I don’t have that. I have too many things to do. I don’t know what that is. And by quite frankly, I just don’t have it. And it’s that mental. And so that to me is really well I don’t have well I haven’t had Lyme disease before. But your book really resonated with me just because of the fact of your mind. And, and and you journal, you know, people talk about journaling and I’m trying to become better at that. And I look at your book as this is part of your journal, what you did and you’ve you’ve opened it up. And I love how you, you know, in our production you you’re like, I’m an open book. And I’m like, yeah, you, you literally are an open book. And I think your story has resonated for so many people. I mean, how does that I mean, you know, how does that feel?

Janna Johnson [00:10:58] It feels it feels really, overwhelming in a good way. And I say overwhelming. People think of that in a negative context, but it’s not. It’s I wrote that book. From the person. That is where I went. I wrote a book that is for the girl with the or the or the or the boy who was as sick as I was. Or, you know, the book is Lyme disease. The book was originally going to be about Lyme disease, and that’s it. And then this is what came out, right. It’s like that book was always there inside of me, but I had to uncover it, so to speak. And you uncover it by choosing to go through the healing process. I believe in our lives. We have two different paths every single day. You have two paths you can take, and we all have a final destination in our last day. Yes, I don’t believe we can avoid that, but I do believe we have two different paths every take every day, which is the victim mindset and the book tour mindset. So I can choose if I want to overcome something. I didn’t get well from Lyme disease because that was my path. I chose that path and I carved that damn path out, and I carved that path out by choosing to overcome it, by saying no to the doctors, by saying no to what my fate was, and by saying, you know what? Fuck that. I choose different. And because I chose different, I did different. If today I got a diagnosis and I just said, well, that’s what it is and that’s what I have, that’s my life now. I just said thank you. I accepted it and put it right here in my life instead. I’m just like, absolutely no one. I believe different. And people don’t realize that we have all these thoughts that go through head every single day, and we just believe what that that’s it. That’s the truth. And it’s like, you know what, maybe it’s a negative tape playing in your head and it’s in bullet. So why do you have that negative taint? Right? Right. It all stems from limiting beliefs. What’s a limiting belief. Those are formed in childhood. Every single human is a product of their environment. And that’s not a bad thing. We are all a product of the environment we grew up in, but we all have these limiting beliefs and we don’t realize where I lived my life for almost 40 years, awful limiting beliefs. And in the moment of realizing, like I have invisible chains holding me back, right? And you put yourself in a safety box. I talk about this in the book, right? Your safety box. You got your walls, you got your floor, you got your ceiling. Well, you can’t spread your wings and you can’t go above that ceiling. You should always have a floor because those are your boundaries that ground it. Break the fucking walls down. Break the damn roof off, spread your wings and fly. You cannot do that with invisible chains holding you back. Yeah,.

Kristy Kerns [00:13:49] If there’s anything that you could tell somebody, obviously with the chains that you, you felt that with held yourself, but also it’s embedded from us a childhood. But how do you like if you want to change that mindset and grow and spread your wings, what advice would you give somebody that can actually, you know, tap into that or learn or anything like things that you do in the morning, do speak in on the affirmations. Do you do mirror work?

Janna Johnson [00:14:15] Yeah. I mean, it’s it I think that I think everybody wants to have an easy way like, oh, I journal and I do all this honestly. It’s about what kind of life do you wanna live and who are you living your life for? That’s as plain and simple you got to do the work. It is not a specific exercise. It is about deciding what life do you want to live in? Who the fuck do you want to live it for? Because you only get one the last time I checked. And so the very first step is to to find your limiting beliefs, trace them all the way back to the root, and then you got to pull that root up. And you do that by shattering your limiting beliefs. And as you do that and you work on you work on your environment, the people that you surround yourself with you, you realize that you you are the creator of your life. But in order to do that, you got to do the work and you got to heal your mindset. So, you know, if you’re going through the process. What I teach people is, as every thought enters your mind, decide if you want to let it stay or not. Right? You got to rip all the negative labels off. So every negative label that you were given by your ex, your parents, by whoever you know, you’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough. It’s time to rip the labels off. You need to replace those labels. You are good enough. You are pretty enough. You have everything it takes. But you got to believe it.

Kristy Kerns [00:15:41] I like to say that it’s okay to, you know, embody those feelings. 15 minutes. Give yourself 15 minutes for the timer on and that’s all you are allowed to embrace them. Feelings are feelings. We have to understand where they’re coming from. And then 15 minutes, let’s get this done with and let’s pivot. It’s time to put that box over here. And that’s pivot. So pivot is like a good way I guess our formula. How would you say that somebody could pivot. Do you have them say no I am worthy I am valuable, I am loved or just you know, I know gratitude. You know, 15 minutes of gratification changes your whole you can’t be negative and positive at the same time. And positive all always overpowers the negative if you focus on that.

Janna Johnson [00:16:18] Yeah, absolutely. And and to what you just said, I always allow yourself what I always tell people, look, allow yourself time to feel. You have to feel and deal in order to heal, okay? If something hurts you, if something’s making you sad, feel it. Because if not, it’s just going to fester and it’s going to hardened and it’s going to turn it up. Poison to your life and to what you say. Yes, replace all of it. Replace the negatives. Remind yourself of what you are and as you do that to what? Kristy said. You work on replacing everything. You slowly give yourself a new tape, but you got you got to get rid of the old tape in your attic. And the other thing that I think is really important, and I do teach us in the book, is I talk about the door method in the book. Right. You have your closed door, your open door and your screen door and everyone gets a door. Okay. So you have your best friends, the people closest to you. Family is not a free pass, by the way. So that’s why I didn’t include that. You have your open door. That’s your best friend, partner, whoever. And you have your screen door, right? Those are the people who they get to see into your lives. But at a at a at an arm’s length, then you got the closed door with the padlock and the deadbolt. Right? But not everyone gets a free gets free access to you. You have to protect yourself. You have to protect your energy. And I think another really important thing is boundaries. You cannot go through this healing process and become who you’re meant to be. You do not put boundaries in there for you. The boundaries are like your gatekeeper, right? It’s like putting the fence around your yard because if you have the weeds in, you can’t have the green grass and beautiful flowers. So you got to have boundaries that keep all the crap out so the good stuff can grow.

Kristy Kerns [00:18:05] Yeah, I like to use the terminology when obviously putting up a boundary. It’s no thank you. And that really puts that wall up is no thank you. You’re energy. You’re not allowed to come in here and you don’t have to say it out loud. It’s just in your mind no thank you. And there you are your walls up. And it dismisses that from you. You’re receiving that energy.

Janna Johnson [00:18:23] Yeah, I love that. And you know what? It’s really, really telling. When you have boundaries, all of a sudden you got people that get a little fussy, right? Yeah. Well, you know why? The ones who really don’t respect you and you’re really not your true person. They’re not going to like your boundaries. And honestly, don’t let the door get to you on that. Yeah, exactly. Bye bye. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, they find that. And I was a southern girl. Say it. Bless your heart.

Kristy Kerns [00:18:48] Yeah, exactly. And reminds me of last night. Take it. I could say rooster that. Sorry I had to go there. I’ll cut that out.

Rey Treviño [00:18:57] And somebody that sounds like we’d like some taters tonight.

Kristy Kerns [00:19:00] It’s not like taters that I said. You just tricked me. I’m not doing that. But I said taters. I do the taters. Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:19:08] Oh, yeah. My mind. But I’m glad to have you brought up limiting, ardent beliefs, because you wrote that early in your book. And, I thought about that. You know, I’ve got a two year old, and I just remember growing up that, you know, we got to jump ranch more. I don’t see how he and my father would sit there and watch it and go for it. You got this. How nerve wracking I mostly did for him to watch us, you know, jump things higher than today and hope we don’t fall. Yeah, but yeah, he was there. That limiting what we can do. Or over the weekend, my song, there’s a muddy path by the back of the yard, and he just looked at me like I was like, go to. It’s like, you know, go, go have that, you know, don’t don’t want to just.

Kristy Kerns [00:19:56] but inside Your fight.

Rey Treviño [00:19:56] Oh I, I’m those like, you know I’m like, oh well.

Kristy Kerns [00:20:00] That’s like with life you have to let people you have to fall. We have to fall ourselves. Yeah. Fall and get it back up. And you come back stronger and more powerful are you can. Oh no, I fell and like you said, the victim. And that’s just where. I mean, you’re training your son beautifully. Like, go, you’re going to fall and it’s okay. We’re not going to embrace that. Oh poor baby. No. It’s okay. Let’s get up. Let’s do it again. And you’ll be even stronger than. And that is so powerful.

Rey Treviño [00:20:23] Yes, it truly is. Because we all. We gotta take it off. Yeah. It’s good, you know? And then the other thing I wanted to touch on, because it really stuck out to me, at the very beginning, because there’s this just almost like a section and it says fake confidence.

Kristy Kerns [00:20:39] And that’s my favorite.

Rey Treviño [00:20:41] I was like, oh, crap, that I was like. And so as soon as I saw that, I was like, me. So let’s talk about fake confidence.

Kristy Kerns [00:20:48] It’s unique at me. I mean,.

Janna Johnson [00:20:50] So fake confidence. That was just kind of something I, I’m, I’m known for having all my little sayings. Right. And I have my takeaways in the book and then beginning in the end and fake confidence when I was writing, it came to me is the best way to describe it. And we every single person has has had it or has it? No one is free from it. Fake confidence is truly when you don’t have true confidence. The thing is, is that people don’t know. They don’t have true confidence. Fake confidence is when you’re confident in an ability that you have in a talent right in your looks, it’s you’re lacking that true confidence with who you are as a person. And you cannot have true confidence if you don’t love yourself and proven yourself and accept yourself yet. And that kind of leads me into saying that until you approve of yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself, no one else will, and you’ll look for in all the wrong places.

Rey Treviño [00:21:50] And I think that is right there. You know what I got out of your book is until you do that for yourselves. Nothing else. Man. It doesn’t matter what all the negative people buy till you can believe in yourself. You’re never going to do.

Kristy Kerns [00:22:05] It’s like the mirror you’re reflecting. The person that you attract is the same. It mirror your mirror in each other. Yeah. You’re mirroring the triggers that you need to work on for each other. And until you realize that, like, oh, I need to work on this or that, then we’re going to constantly point the finger or whatever. And that’s like, it’s a gift. You know, track what you are to, to install yourself better. Yes.

Janna Johnson [00:22:26] Amen to that. And, you know, there was something really profound, you know, writing a book. People think it’s just so you just sit and you write a book. There’s there’s no way to really describe what it’s like to get into this creative headspace because it take it takes a lot to it takes a lot of energy. And I wrote something and I just sell the pieces because I it’s not like, oh, I know what I’m going to write. I’m just, I’m writing. It’s flowing, and I’m talking about past relationships and how, you know, until I found love within myself for myself, I looked for it in the wrong places. And I’m writing and I write. Okay. They say love is blind. And then it hit me. And this was so profound when I wrote it, and I realized this it’s love isn’t blind. It’s a lack of love for ourselves that makes us blind. When you don’t fully love yourself, you’re blind to everyone else’s bullshit.

Kristy Kerns [00:23:22] I like to say, which goggles am I putting on today?

Janna Johnson [00:23:25] Yeah, because in they’re like, how love is blind. You didn’t see all those red flags. It was because you didn’t love yourself. And if you loved yourself, you never even would have talked to that person.

Kristy Kerns [00:23:36] Your values would be out where they’re supposed to be 100 when you have it from them, and let that come into your life.

Janna Johnson [00:23:41] Yeah, and that goes back to the boundaries, right? Part of loving yourself because I, I didn’t I could not love myself. I hated everything about myself. I hate the way I looked and all these things. But that’s because I accepted those negative labels and it was really, really hard to look in the mirror and just be like, you’re beautiful, I love you. It was hard, and it shouldn’t be that hard to look at yourself and say that it really shouldn’t be. But you know, part of loving yourself is, is creating boundaries. And boundaries doesn’t mean you’re stuck up or you think you’re better, then it just means you got boundaries and you have values. And if you don’t fit, then you’re not allowed in. And sorry. Yeah. You’re just yeah, sorry you’re wrong. But you got to pretty little fits and you got you a little pretty door.

Kristy Kerns [00:24:26] Yeah. Exactly. I think that’s something that way in my life.

Janna Johnson [00:24:30] That’s right.

Rey Treviño [00:24:32] Well, you know, for those out there that are looking for some guidance and some, some help, you know, how go are you, you are a coach as well. And, you know, how can people reach out to you and go from there?

Janna Johnson [00:24:45] Yeah. I do have a few spots left for one on one. I don’t have many. But I do work with people one on one on mindset and nutrition. Both. And you can find me at my website, revive by janna.com. I also have a podcast revive with Janna, and I talk about mindset, lyme disease, relationships, a little bit of a little bit of everything. And then Instagram. I’m really big. They’re revive by Janna. And then, of course, my book.

Rey Treviño [00:25:17] Yes. Your book? Yeah. I’l let you show them.

Janna Johnson [00:25:19] Yes. My book, And you know what? This is going to be recorded very, very soon. So, audiobook is going to be coming out, and then, the e-book and the worse the hard copy. So. Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:25:34] Well Janna, I again, I cannot thank you enough for coming on today, for being here in Austin. That. Kristy, thank you so much for for asking so great questions. Like I said, you know, beforehand, it’s like I, I, I enjoyed the book, but I see it from a totally guy standpoint. So I’m very, very thankful that you’re able to do that and share and bring more to it. Lady, say you’re both so much, and, really, for those out there that want to read a book. Guys, gentlemen, this is a great book. Like I said, limiting your beliefs. We all do that. And we got to stop that. We can all be better men, better ladies every day. And I know I have to be better also. So thank you as always. And we’ll see you again on another episode of The Crude Truth.

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