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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 79 Larry Richards and Brian Stubbs


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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 79 Larry Richards and Brian Stubbs

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Narrator [00:00:00] In 1901 at Spindletop Hill near Beaumont. The future of Texas changed dramatically. As, like a fountain of fortune, thousands of barrels of oil burst from the earth towards the sky. Soon, Detroit would be cranking out Model TS by the millions and America was on the move. Thanks to the black gold being produced in Texas, now, more than a century later, the vehicles are different, but nothing else has truly changed. Sure, there may be many other alternative energy sources like wind and solar and electric. But let’s be honest. America depends on oil and entrepreneurs. And if the USA is truly going to be independent, it has to know the crude truth.

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Stuart Turley [00:01:32] Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Energy News Beat podcast. My name’s Stu Turley president CEO of the sandstone Group. We’ve got an action packed podcast for you today. I’m kind of having some serious fun. I’m here in Midland, Odessa, and I’m here at the. I’m sitting here talking to Larry, and I’m sorry. What was your last name? Larry Richards. Larry Richards. I’m at the Permian Basin International Oil show, and I’m having an absolute blast. And also joining me here is the Rey Treviño. And I mean, Rey is one of EMP operators. He’s out there drilling oil for our wonderful low cost energy for the United States. And I’ll tell you what, Larry, you’re the president of this great show. Tell us about what you got going on here and tell us about the show.

Larry Richards [00:02:23] Thank you so much for the opportunity. No, we’re we’re incredibly excited about this year’s show. We’ve got over 750 exhibitors, from all over the United States, from all over the world. Wow. 1100, exhibit space, sold out again this year. We’re very blessed to be sold out, but we anticipate over 25,000 attendees over of three days. And, you know, over the last 5 to 7 years. And you can attest to this, right? The Permian Basin has become the center for innovation and technology for our entire industry.

Stuart Turley [00:02:54] Oh. You bet.

Larry Richards [00:02:55] 20 years ago, when I was starting my career, all the innovation happened. Deepwater, offshore and international. That’s right. And the last 5 or 7 years, all the major technol technology breakthroughs for our industry have happened within 150 miles of where we’re standing. And no better place to see that new tech than right here.

Stuart Turley [00:03:13] You know, what’s kind of cool is the $60 billion Exxon deal. You know, you sit back and take a look. Permian is going to be here. Well, why would any oil and gas company invest in the Permian Basin for 60 billion? Unless it was really important?

Larry Richards [00:03:28] Yeah, absolutely. And, you know, the hard work that the men and women in the Permian Basin do, you know, allows every American to have a standard of living our great grandparents couldn’t have dreamed of. Oh, yes. And, you know, for them to, to be able to come here, put their hands on the absolute latest, greatest tech anywhere in the, in the, in the world, and be part of that. We’re just we’re proud we have, the show is done completely with, 150 industry leaders that volunteer their time as our board of directors. Wow. Every committee, that we’ve got out here working to show we’re all volunteers. And I think that’s a big part of our success. They’re industry leaders. They know how hard it is to break away. They want to make sure if somebody takes the time to come here or send their employees here, they’re going to get a big bang for their buck. Yes. And and, you know, get a return on that investment. And we’ve been able to do that from long number of years. And I think this year.

Stuart Turley [00:04:22] How many years.

Larry Richards [00:04:22] Knocking the cover off the wall since 1940. Every other year we do. It’s not every year it’s, it’s a biannual but the show started in 1940. It was postponed, for a couple of shows due in the middle of World War two. Right. Where all the men and women in the area to to go fight for our country. And it’s been running ever, ever since.

Stuart Turley [00:04:42] Wow.

Rey Treviño [00:04:44] You know.

Stuart Turley [00:04:44] Hey, RT, tell us, you know, ask the next question. I’m sorry. You know how podcasters are.

Rey Treviño [00:04:50] No. Well, you know, first of all, thank you for having us at the Permian Basin International Show. And quick shout out to Air Compressor Solutions. For having us here at their booth this week. This week. Okay. I mentioned them and you mentioned the rich history in 1940. Air compressor solutions, they they’ve had this booth for almost 40 years. I mean, let’s talk about the lineage of all the different companies out here that have their spot reserve. And I’ve even heard rumors that if you drop off of it, there’s already a waiting list for others. Is that true?

Larry Richards [00:05:20] Yeah, that is true. And we’ve been very blessed in that regard. You know, our honoree, Mister Dick Seville, who just given so much to our industry and to our local community. His company out here builds all types of production equipment. He shared with us yesterday during our luncheon for him. They’ve had a booth out here since 1951. Wow. And so, you know, it’s just it’s amazing the legacy of these different companies. But then, you know, we also have brand new start up companies, you know, that are bringing artificial intelligence and machine learning and integrating it with these companies. And so it’s a real cool mix. And even the legacy companies they’re bringing, you know, their absolute newest tech out here. Several of our our biggest pieces of equipment out here, the technology that’s driving those pieces of equipment didn’t exist two years ago at our event. And it’s just amazing to see that kind of innovation, you know, and go actually be able to touch it. And and if it’s a client out here that that wants to go put it in the field, you know, nine times out of ten they can have it loaded on a truck and headed to their field wherever it is across the United States next month.

Rey Treviño [00:06:26] Well, you say that, you know, there’s so much equipment out here that’s literally on display, that’s idle. Well, that’s also active, you know, like, hey, let’s try it out right now. You got drilling rigs set up, cranes set up. Right. Generators here. I mean, you’ve got just equipment everywhere. Even trucks for sale out here and and leased. So I, I understand, and I see where all the other oil and gas shows. This is the standard this this is the standard for every other oil and gas show in the nation. In, in the world. It’s just awesome.

Larry Richards [00:06:56] Well, we’re we’re we’re trying to be like I said, we know how busy everybody is. But for the onshore oil and gas industry, this is the leading trade show in the United States, which makes it the leading one in the world. I mean, I’ve for my companies, I’m exhibited, all over the world. You know, different trade show type of events. And and the Permian Basin International Oil Show was always our best return on investment. And I think it continues that for companies today. And it’s a place that people can come and see whether it’s, you know, reducing, emissions. Like what, air pressure solutions, guys, where, you know, all of the pneumatics that typically were utilizing the methane gas off the separator to, to actuate all the small pneumatics and, but they release it to the air, can now do it with compressed air. What their technology is bringing and that’s, you know, spread across the Permian. And. The generational jumps in this technology to handle these late this newest generation of. Well, right. It’s just a really cool time to be in our industries.

Stuart Turley [00:08:00] Do you think the, AI the new technology is one of the reasons that we could go from a 1200 rigs to down to 700 and then down even more, and this is the year that the Permian is kicking out more oil than anything else. It’s got to be tech, right?

Larry Richards [00:08:17] We will. We will have the largest oil and gas production in history out of the Permian this year. Right. But but a lot of that is, is tech. A lot of it is the new technology on how these wells are being drilled. But that’s what spurning all these new companies and all this new technology. Right. You know, now we used to go horizontal, I mean, vertically, and you break out to the side, you’re perfect in fracking and you got kind of a Christmas tree looking deal. Now we’re going down a mile. We’re going horizontally two mile or putting a football field worth of sand into a form into a shale formation. It’s non permeable rock that we’re making into a permeable formation. And they’re coming in at 1500 barrels a day or what. And but when they come they come back really high pressure with a lot of sand. It’s like having a you know, oil sand blaster on all your equipment up top. And it’s taken us 5 or 6 years to figure out how to produce those wells and complete them. And the most cost effective, it’s a great problem to have because you have a lot of volume. But it costs a lot of engineering and technical issues. Right now, all these companies out here are solving, and now we’re 5 to 7 years ahead of anywhere else in the world. So all the other natural oil companies everywhere else are coming to the Permian. You’re trying to understand how we’re doing it. So they don’t have to learn that in the middle of Algerian desert or, you know, anywhere halfway across the.

Stuart Turley [00:09:33] World, you know, aren’t the best deals that the investor you’re seeing out there. And I’ll let me ask this, because in the, Bloomberg, when they were talking about that gigantic deal, they were saying that the next move for M&A in the, Permian is looking for PDP in existing production because of jet lag. Just what you said, and I’m sorry, I get just as excited as you is because going in and reworking those wells with the new technology is pretty cool, because you’re doing that and all your fields.

Rey Treviño [00:10:02] We are, we’re doing it in our fields also, but also out here in West Texas, what with the new technology that that Larry, you know, talks about. And that’s all out here, some of these tier two and tier three, well, sites on the, out there could actually now become tier one locations just because they created the technology that we have now to extract those hydrocarbons from the ground. And so it’s just so exciting. And again, you know, the big deal, you know, with Exxon purchasing pioneer that just if that doesn’t motivate, you know, West Texas to to continue on and drill baby drill for the next 100 years. I don’t know what does. Right, Larry?

Larry Richards [00:10:39] Very true. And it’s money some of these these fields. My dad, you know, had a 50 year career in the oil and gas industry. But in the 1960s, he was area superintendent for getting oil company in Anchorage. Oh, wow. Cool. And and, some of the fields that are some of our most prolific fields. My dad would have told you, you know, they were mostly drilled out in the 60s. Yeah. You know, but new technology has opened up all these different reserves. We knew the oil was there. We just couldn’t get it out of the rock. Yeah. And now there’s with these new ways. But it’s sparking so much innovation across the industry and opportunities for new startup companies, even, you know, that that are coming out with products. And two years later, it’s an industry standard for that little niche because they’re solving a problem that didn’t exist before.

Stuart Turley [00:11:25] How do we get the next generation in here? Because you got a museum over here. Oh, but how do we get the next generation excited because of the AI, the technical? I’m a technical goob, I mean, I that’s an honor. You know, now that you could be a nerd. You know, I’m proud of myself. Yeah. I’m a legend in my own mind.

Larry Richards [00:11:44] We’re proud of you.

Stuart Turley [00:11:44] Yeah. Thank you. I just legend, my own minority knows that. But it’s the next generation of oil guys. We need them. And you just nailed it with the AI. That’s how we get people excited about the oil and gas industry. That’s how we do it, right?

Larry Richards [00:12:01] I, I agree with that. I also think we’ve got to tell our story because we have an amazing story to tell. You know, I shared with some, some folks, in our opening ceremony, we had a bunch of young people there, you know, with the bands and all the stuff that’s part of opening ceremonies, but but, you know, in 2023, about 8% of the world’s population lives in abject poverty. Absolutely defines it about less than $2 a day. But before the Drake will, the Drake well was drilled back 200 years, 1823 eight out of ten humans on the planet lived in abject poverty and had 100 years before that. And having low cost hydrocarbon energy available to everyone for transportation and climate control and all the things we use it. And then you add to that, 55% of our global food production comes from synthetic. From static fertilizer. From natural gas. Derived directly from urea and ammonia. From natural gas. And nobody talks about the fact that over half our world’s food production is coming from our industry. Yeah. And then, yeah, I told all the young people, I said, from the time you woke up this morning and hit your alarm clock and you got your toothbrush, brush teeth and you shave your face, or your ladies did their legs and you drove here, or you rode a bicycle here. I said, from the time you did it, everything 90% of what you touch was built with petrochemicals. And in our industry, all the hard working men and women who get up in the morning to go to work, that you know, that you need to thank. Yeah. Because the standard of living you live, your great grandparents dreamed up. Heck no. And I think most of our young people don’t realize that because they’re not ever hearing that.

Stuart Turley [00:13:35] You know, that’s funny. I’m visiting with, some folks in Africa, this afternoon and, also tomorrow morning, the secretary general of one of the biggest, outfits out there. And, he is really fighting because the West is taking so many natural resources from Africa, and they’re forcing in all the renewable energy and then charging them high interest rates. The world, financial, group is in double charging them. You have China doing their Belt and Road initiative and they’re doing it. Well. Let’s let the world do low cost energy, get the lowest kilowatt per hour to everybody on the planet. And man, I’m going to hug you because that that is that’s what it’s all about is elevating humanity out of poverty. You, Rey, you’re you’re so tired of me saying that,.

Rey Treviño [00:14:30] You know, it’s it’s what we need to do to get out of poverty for the world is, you know, oil and gas and really natural gas is that we’re absolutely burning, fuel. Yeah. Yes. That we can use, you know, I want to jump back to the international side of everybody being here, you know, do you know exactly or about how many different countries you have here at the Permian Basin International Show this year.

Larry Richards [00:14:53] Exhibitor wise? We’ve got them. You know, we have over 20, companies from Canada. But we’ve got them from, Germany, from the UK, from me, from South Korea, from just a whole litany of different exhibitors that are here from around the world. I think the biggest thing and we don’t keep track, and I wish we did, because I’ve gotten that question. But, you know, I’ve been an exhibitor every year until this year. I retired this last year. But but, but as an exhibitor, I was always amazed at all the different places around the world that we had people coming in this year. I know it’s even more. I had old customers of mine call six months ago and it’s like, oh, we saw you’re in the president. We want to bring in some of our top executives from Libya, you know, and we had a guy and, you know, guy call me and say, hey, I got this group from Guyana that wants to they found some big research in Ghana. They want to come, you know, know this. And I was like, I don’t handle hotels. I cannot help you without them. You know. Yeah. And I would recommend. You get it in the right, you know, over the next 11 minutes I want a hotel because they book up, you know, way in advance. But but it’s just been so cool. The outreach I’ve just got on LinkedIn and different things, you know, as we prepare for the show from people coming from, from overseas to try to to see what we’re doing here and take that innovation and take it back with them.

Stuart Turley [00:16:09] Oh, that is so cool that, so you’re only the president for this year?

Larry Richards [00:16:13] Yes, sir. Okay, I’ve been on the board for a little over 20 years, but we we, we we we work and and it’s a working board. You’re not on this. It’s not a resume deal. It’s a if you’re going to be on the board of directors of the whole show, you’re going to work. And, but but we, we, have our whole team, and then, then you can move up to, like, more. And then. Yeah, they were I was honored to be selected as a president, for sure.

Stuart Turley [00:16:35] Fantastic. And now, RT, as soon as I mentioned oil you go thing, you’re on point. You’re like a hound dog on board room. And I’m sitting there going, let’s talk about the show your eyes, folks. We’re a podcast listeners. Larry’s eyes are just they’re wide open. His physical body is just doing that. So he’s excited and and so I asked when he’s doing his podcast, the Crude Truth. He’s doing the same thing. And his guests are kind of like, what kind of guy do I get interviewing me? And and so it’s so fun to see your enthusiasm. So it is an outstanding congratulations. And I know you’re going to just go to nape for three years after you’re done here. Yeah. This is the show.

Larry Richards [00:17:17] Yeah. It’s been a great show and it means so much, you know, for our community and for these local companies because because you have people coming from all over, they’re able to diversify their revenue streams. So when we hit a cycle, you know, they picking up customers internationally. They’re picking them up all over the the country. And so they can weather those cycles so much more effectively. It just it’s it’s a win win for everybody.

Stuart Turley [00:17:39] No it really is. And again you know this show has just been so amazing and and congratulations. And and now I actually want to, bring in the owner president and. CEO of Air Compressor Solutions. Brian Stubbs.

Brian Stubbs [00:17:52] At a long time ago.

Larry Richards [00:17:54] Sorry about that.

Rey Treviño [00:17:56] Brian, how are you doing this morning?

Brian Stubbs [00:17:58] Awesome. And the sun’s up. It’s not hot yet. Like a good day.

Rey Treviño [00:18:01] It is a good day. Oh, thank you so much again for allowing us to be here with you guys. I appreciate that. What a heck of a team you’ve got here. And I’m I’m like, this is probably one of the better spots right here of the entire show. Is this right here? Up front is where you are at as everybody comes.

Brian Stubbs [00:18:19] But you might know this better than I do. I think we’ve had this same booth for, like, 40 years. Yeah, I think that’s what the previous owner told me. This is this is like part of the purchase of the company. Exactly. Yeah. I get that when I put on the show.

Larry Richards [00:18:31] Yesterday, after I think some of the transactions that have happened, at least part of the multiple was based on their bids.

Brian Stubbs [00:18:36] And I know it was part of the conversation for sure. Do I get the free space or give them the space? So we are very excited to be like,.

Stuart Turley [00:18:44] I just moved the camera over here and got a shot of your truck. Oh, the owner and then I am moving it back. So tell us about your truck.

Brian Stubbs [00:18:51] Actually, that truck, came out of, my uncle restored these trucks, and, I was able to get that about a six, eight months ago. And the petroleum Museum here in town actually had that old air compressor in their shop, and they didn’t have a use for it. So we were able to get that from the air compressor. And so everything on that truck is from the 1930s. Wow.

Larry Richards [00:19:14] Awesome. I did not know that, though.

Brian Stubbs [00:19:16] The jackhammers are from the 30s. There’s three jackhammers. And then, we have just started a fabrication group at Ax, and our fabrication group made the skid. That goes in the back, and we try to make that look like one of our modern service trucks as close as we could. So.

Rey Treviño [00:19:32] Well, I tell you what, Peter, that if that’s not a conversation starter, I don’t know what is.

Brian Stubbs [00:19:36] So we can sit it out. Two jobs, we it goes about 25 miles an hour. We’ll be there when we get there. If it’s an emergency, don’t call that truck. But.

Stuart Turley [00:19:44] It’s a good thing he showed up because I already sold it for 100 K.

Brian Stubbs [00:19:47] Yeah, I’ve had a few off ramps. I was gone a little bit yesterday, and I think I, super impressive. Still here for our podcast listeners. He just went and spit everywhere. So, I mean, he was like, no, you didn’t share my truck.

Rey Treviño [00:20:00] Yeah. He’s like, you didn’t write about it. I did. Well, you know, Brian, for this being again, y’all have been doing this now for almost half a century. Yes. You know, what is one of the things that really sticks out to you with the Permian Basin International Oil Show? It’s actually a neat thing. We talked about this. You know, when it’s cold or oil’s bad, we still do it. And it really is. Again, we have a great, great big space. But it’s about getting our brand out there. Again, even if we don’t talk to anybody, people see the brand, they see us, they remember us. Again, people come up and say, hey, yeah, we were here two years ago. You’re still in the same booth. Good to see you. And then two weeks later, they give us a call. So it really is just about being visible. In the also does a great job, with advertising, you know, the month leading up to it, collecting leads, they do a great job of all that kind of stuff. And it is really just getting the brand out there. Everybody still knows we’re around when we’re at the oil show, which is always good. And like I say, we can do social media and that kind of stuff, but there’s nothing like just having your brand offering your customers face ads. And it’s a big. Payoff every year. Yeah.

Larry Richards [00:20:59] And it’s, it’s fantastic for us because they’re bringing the technology that our attendees need to see. You know, for example, you know, this type of unit where you’re, you’re using, compressed air version of the natural gas off a separator. Historically, we had air compressors on location, but they were not driving anything vital they were doing, you know, so everybody from a field standpoint thinks, oh, it’s an air compressor. You know, it doesn’t, you know, whether it runs or not. Well, now they’re replacing the separators, which means every time the dumps go to the tanks, whether it’s oil, whether it’s water, everything else, everything’s being driven by that, that and yep. And so it cannot go down or you have a oil overflow in a tank or you have produced water on the ground and then you’re like, it’s incredibly exciting. Yeah, in ways you do. Not want.

Brian Stubbs [00:21:45] In a short period of time for sure at night.

Larry Richards [00:21:48] But, but but that’s not all of a sudden you’re tying in all kinds of, high tech and automation and everything else into these type systems to where you can put them out, and you’re 100% sure they’re going to be reliable. Yeah. Right. And so, you know, but that didn’t exist five years ago before we started trying to replace every pneumatic. We just had them into a separate. And they were using the natural gas. But every time that little, you know, instrument would move, it would spend a little tiny bit of methane in it. We’ve eliminated that with this type technology, but it has to run in. It has to be, you know, and then all the young engineers want to see on their phone whether it’s real or not.

Brian Stubbs [00:22:23] That’s what kind of what this one is. You can see this on your phone.

Larry Richards [00:22:25] In that Call.

Brian Stubbs [00:22:26] But that’s that’s where we’ve gone this year is we started making these in-house. We’ve made that circuit in-house. Now, we’re doing we have an I need group two guys, but we have an I need group that’s growing. And so the customer hooks up electricity, and then they hook up a cat5 cable, and they’re able to get eight channels of data, and they can know the pressure. They know how long it’s running. They know if it’s got any faults. And they can look at it in their office or on their phone. And who would have ever thought? You need that in an hour? Yeah, exactly. So, but it’s been an awesome project again. The team has done a great job. Customers have been really receptive to it, and it’s just a neat deal to see how integrated air compressors are now two groups.

Larry Richards [00:23:02] Yeah. And and you’ve got this on the emission control side, and then you’ve got all this stuff for water recycling and re-use out here. You’ve got all this new technology that’s that’s now using stranded natural gas for the Big Island.

Brian Stubbs [00:23:14] Yep.

Larry Richards [00:23:14] Options and a, there’s a four megawatt genset over there that’s using, you know, Bill gas like it’s own little power.

Brian Stubbs [00:23:21] That’s all. Like, oh.

Larry Richards [00:23:22] I mean, it’s just it’s a cool time to be out here. It is a lot of new tech.

Brian Stubbs [00:23:26] Lots of neat stuff to go look at that’s for sure.

Rey Treviño [00:23:27] Yeah, that that is for sure. And you know, Brian, you know you mentioned here that there for many go you go. Yeah I’ll meet somebody here and then two weeks later they call you. You know what. What are all the services that you guys are doing here. Air Compression Solutions.

Brian Stubbs [00:23:39] So, I tell everybody mostly when I talk to bankers and stuff because they don’t know what we do in the oil field half the time. Just that that’s my job. Now. I just talk to bankers and I’ll get it. But, you know, really, we I equate ourselves to a car dealership, so. But we do air compressors and we do generators. So we have a group of salesmen that go out and sell them. We sell parts for them. We, have a service group that does service at our shop here in Odessa, and our other locations. And, we actually have field techs. They go out in the field, we have a rental fleet. So if you need one overnight, you need one for a couple of weeks. Plants down maintenance. We can rent you one. And then now we started a fabrication group. So now we can actually modify them and specialize them for what the customer needs. We, I actually opening up our fifth branch, so we have a branch. Our main location is here in Odessa. We’ve got a branch in Amarillo. Albuquerque, in El Paso. And we’re opening up one in Carlsbad as we speak. So, that all over the place,.

Rey Treviño [00:24:30] You know, Larry and Stu, this man has done nothing but Covid. It just continued to rise.

Brian Stubbs [00:24:37] But we’re not doing it again.

Rey Treviño [00:24:38] I do it again.

Brian Stubbs [00:24:40] It wasn’t easy. I mean,.

Stuart Turley [00:24:42] Did you just say he had Covid?

Rey Treviño [00:24:44] No. No,.

Brian Stubbs [00:24:45] Not not right now.

Rey Treviño [00:24:46] No, no, that’s no good. But during that whole time, from 2020 on, you know, personal issues have not. He’s done nothing but continue to grow. And I also need to say thank you to, Brian here because, being a sponsor, I called him up when I first started my show, The Crude Truth. And I go, hey, I’m going to do a podcast. Would you like to be a sponsor? For sure. Oh, what’s about. Right. Yeah. And then going to. Join that as well. So that’s all I is. I gave him a little bit of info about what it was like. Oh yeah. No problem. So, so so Brian also and then yesterday a couple of his teammates. Well, how do you know Brian? I said, actually Brian turned me down for a job for five years. It’s been a while if I. Yeah, five years ago. And, but he has just been.

Brian Stubbs [00:25:32] Asked to read it. He said we’re going to keep in touch though.

Rey Treviño [00:25:35] Yes. Oh yeah. And we have it, you know. oh, there he goes. I ended up staying there and we just continue to grow and and I’ll call Brian up every now and then go, Brian. Hey, I’ve got, you know, just as a mentor and, so I can’t thank him enough for that. And also,.

Brian Stubbs [00:25:50] I, like I said, it’s fine has been five years.

Rey Treviño [00:25:52] Yeah. Yeah, it has been amazing.

Brian Stubbs [00:25:54] Yeah. Not hiring RT. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, I mean, he’s not outside of work that he has. No,.

Stuart Turley [00:26:02] I’m sorry, because I get to work with you.

Rey Treviño [00:26:07] Guys, I cannot thank you enough. Larry, thank you so much for this awesome show that we have. Brian, again, I’m humbly thank you so much for allowing us to be here, for being here at the show and, and at your booth and, you know, hopefully, hopefully, if nothing else was nothing but great fellowship and a little bread was broken and that’s that’s what it’s about. Absolutely. And as I would say, that’s the crude truth. Yes.

Stuart Turley [00:26:30] Hey RT close this out. Tell us how everybody can get.

Rey Treviño [00:26:33] Well, everybody, if you, get here. All right, so what.

Stuart Turley [00:26:37] You guys and how you.

Rey Treviño [00:26:39] Feel about to say, let’s go down the line, Larry, for those out there that don’t know you and want to get in contact with you for the next one and two years or just anything else, how can people get Ahold of you?

Larry Richards [00:26:48] Sure. Go to our website. It’s PBI or show org. And if you’re coming here today and we got, under the the Frequently Asked Questions tab, you can go there’s, short videos on how to find parking, how to preregister, all kinds of stuff. But but we’re still open through through Thursday of this week. But they can do all their interface, through the or call the old show office here in Odessa. Okay. Now we’re just we’re, like I said, we’re thrilled to do this for the industry. It’s a way we get back to the industry and and, and appreciate the opportunity to talk.

Stuart Turley [00:27:19] And parking is kind of funny. And I have to say, I’ve never seen so many trucks in all my life on curbs, trees I only have. So any. That’s a safety man. Do not look at their parking lot.

Rey Treviño [00:27:34] Yes. And, Brian, before you go, I just want to do a shout out to Austin Burke. Yeah. Your sales, guru over here that just put this whole thing together.

Brian Stubbs [00:27:43] Awesome. Did most of the booth, this year. He took that over, and that’s awesome. Well. Let’s go.

Rey Treviño [00:27:49] Well, how can people get in contact with you?

Brian Stubbs [00:27:51] Like that? We’re we’re, here in Odessa, Texas, on Kermit Highway. You can always stop by the shop. This is it’s on the internet. It’s, acs ir dot com. And then our phone number is (432) 335-5900, and we can get you, whatever you need for research generally.

Stuart Turley [00:28:06] Sounds good. Thank you so much for having us here and for coming out. And I’ll tell you what, I can’t wait to see you as a sponsor. Great. Our Nape booth ,.

Rey Treviño [00:28:12] They’re you go.

Brian Stubbs [00:28:15] I’ve never been this good.

Stuart Turley [00:28:18] Thank you guys very much. And we will see you guys next on the crude truth and the energy news beat, Stu Turley CEO of the Sandstone Group. We’ll see you guys next time.

Rey Treviño [00:28:28] Bye.

Narrator [00:28:28] Again. Thank you to our sponsors LFS chemistry, Nape EXPO, Air Compressor Solutions, Exec Crue, Oil and Gas Workers Association, Pecos Country operating.

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