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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 74 Kevin Hokett, Keith Stelter and RT at the show


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Rey Treviño [00:00:00] There’s no doubt about it. The gas industry safety is number one. We’re going to talk to the experts on this episode of The Crude Truth.

Narrator [00:00:09] In 1901 at Spindletop Hill near Beaumont. The future of Texas changed dramatically. As, like a fountain of fortune, thousands of barrels of oil burst from the earth towards the sky. Soon, Detroit would be cranking out Model TS by the millions, and America was on the move thanks to the black gold being produced in Texas. Now, more than a century later, the vehicles are different, but nothing else has truly changed. Sure, there may be many other alternative energy sources like wind and solar and electric. But let’s be honest. America depends on oil and entrepreneurs. And if the USA is truly going to be independent, it has to know the crude truth.

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Rey Treviño [00:01:41] Well good morning. Good evening, good afternoon. Whatever time of day it is that you’re watching another episode of Crude Truth, we’re coming to you from this episode reporting from the Permian Basin International Show and the Air Pressure Solutions booth right here up front. Big shout out to them. Sponsor of the Crude Truth for allowing us to come out here this week and just do some great shows for us. Energy news beat and energy transition. In my teaser there, we talked about safety and and anybody in oil and gas from day one. Safety is what is read into us. God will help me so that nothing ever happened. Well, today I have on the man, the myth, the legend that knows every in and out, knows all the proper ways to get away with safety, even all the bad probably experienced you. My guest today is Kevin Hokett and the one and only. He’s felt Hokett. Okay. Thank you. Hokett okay? Yeah. So what is going on, sir? How are you? And you? How are you doing?

Keith Stelter [00:02:52] Always doing well.

Rey Treviño [00:02:53] I cannot thank you enough to be so.

Keith Stelter [00:02:56] Happy to do it.

Rey Treviño [00:02:57] And, Kevin, you president, CEO of the band and Scientific American safety Services, right here in this.

Kevin Hokett [00:03:07] Correct.

Rey Treviño [00:03:08] And y’all are spread out all throughout West Texas and really more all throughout Texas.

Kevin Hokett [00:03:13] Southeast New Mexico of West Texas, yes.

Rey Treviño [00:03:15] And you guys you’ve been around now for every you know you’re here and and like I said you guys just blowing. Yeah I don’t understand I mean you tell us a little bit about without you you are you, you started this doing as I told you, the appearance, you know. So if you don’t. Know what’s going on and that sort of things on the ground and talk a little bit about you.

Kevin Hokett [00:03:44] Also about the. A company for a little bit in high school. oil and gas. And work, well, as a helper.  Part of our coaching commissions and consulted for us in all the divisions of work and kind of operations and body safety. I wouldn’t this would be back to you. So I think that Parks and. Rec and,.

Rey Treviño [00:04:16] I would show. What are you doing?

Kevin Hokett [00:04:22] I was in. I don’t always feel like you guys and and stuff like that, and that’s going on, you know?

Rey Treviño [00:04:32] And now you grown and beat premier safety. Help me out here in West Texas. How many people come to you guys for? Yes. So what are awkward since I said everything. Can you highlight since?

[00:04:47] We were from a shrimp package? From drilling rigs. You? A lot of space time rescue. Is it around, like, direct services, environmental services. And also, do you have.

Keith Stelter [00:05:04] A great training facility as well? Like, we have weekly training and stop being renewed. 830 in the morning. Be shopping. Oh, that’s.

Rey Treviño [00:05:15] Just every day without you.

Keith Stelter [00:05:17] Wednesday, 8:30 a.m..

Rey Treviño [00:05:19] Just every Wednesday at 830, you go to class. Okay. So that means so many brand new coming out here on the way. They’re going to be out in West with such at 8 p.m. on Wednesday. They can be here at 830 and it’s going to go every week.

Keith Stelter [00:05:34] We rotate through all kinds of different courses, you know, lock out, tag out. There’s numerous, what is it? Safe plans, you know.

Rey Treviño [00:05:45] Well, Keith, I know you’ve been there now for a while. What was the best thing so far that you found that makes this company, you know, just different. Different? It’s.

Keith Stelter [00:05:54] Definitely the people. It’s very remarkable to see how well put together everyone is. They present themselves well. And so everybody works out, like, I was wearing a long sleeved shirt today, but, you know, I think that, you know, as long as on the small side of some of these guys is a great guy. Their names. Well, as far as that, there’s a episode out right now, on the was a shout out to them. The podcast party came out here at the show, and, Wally’s awesome, great stories. And he’s a he’s a big guy, right. Like, from stories where if he didn’t make it, he’s carrying a body on his over shoulder down stairs to, where he actually been in a vessel. And a guy didn’t know he was in trouble. He got him out of there and probably saved his life. So there’s remarkable individuals all over it. So if anything makes you stand out from the people.

Rey Treviño [00:06:50] Well, I mean, you guys doing your job, you stand out, obviously. I mean, you know, I feel like I should be pushing for, come on now. And, but, when I put this on film that, grants all the smaller companies, and there’s been. Some, you know. Kevin. What? Did you talk to him? Why would you guys do.

Kevin Hokett [00:07:22] We probably have more training for personnel than you know. We’re going to be thinking of involvement, and, reaction times except. Our goal is to really thank you on the out here. And of course. Yeah, that’s really important from all of us. Updates.

Rey Treviño [00:07:53] And keith. You know, people out there that don’t know who you are talking people reaching into sales. But, you know.

Keith Stelter [00:08:02] You can always reach out on LinkedIn. You can find that, like, genuine shine heartedness. I try and spam that place as much as possible so I can turn any kind of, you know, cold call into a warm call. But, you can also reach out, you know, address case, Delta American safety dot net. And, but LinkedIn is probably the easiest way to find. I’m either commenting on your post or somebody else’s post as well. So the two way street, you know, comment and share as much info on there as okay.

Rey Treviño [00:08:32] Now you know, I want to switch gears just. You know, American safety services. You know, let’s let’s talk about you a little bit personally. You know, Rhode Island, you know what’s going on. Still Rhode Island today?

Kevin Hokett [00:08:48] Not now. Just don’t have the time. I used to think a lot.

Rey Treviño [00:08:52] I mean, that’s just remember when you get out safety. How was that?

Kevin Hokett [00:08:55] It was Fun. It’s. I’ve had a lot of how many days. But that one, I’m just, is right or right or wrong? It’s it’s pretty nice.

Rey Treviño [00:09:10] Oh, man. Definitely a big rodeo painting the whole world. So we have a statue there every year. I love doing, I don’t have a put saddle horse to. That’s about this. So I definitely don’t call myself cowboy. I think, you know.

Keith Stelter [00:09:30] I’ve been known to ride a horse. I grew up on a farm for many, many year. I am not a team broker by any means, but, I do remember my honeymoon in, actually felt that my wife wanted to go horseback riding and, you know, like, lose experience experiencing enough to handle. You know, we got this one horse, and it’s a little. You need to know what you’re doing. I’m like, what’s his name? Geronimo. Know, during World War I, I made it back, so I did. That’s my Geronimo.

Rey Treviño [00:10:01] So I was drunk. Yes. Yeah, fine. Kind of general things or, you know, intelligent people, well gentleman. I cannot Thank You guys known for stopping by on the air compression? American Safety Services. Were you guys right? You know, he he’s reached out to anybody. Questions? You don’t have any any safety questions? It doesn’t matter how big or small

Keith Stelter [00:10:30] Or environmental. It’s about employment, environment Division. I heard that, you know, if you got a spill here, we can write up the reports also for the Texas Railroad Commission. You can get that stamped that that in house. I think that’s pretty you know, it’s a lot more than in safe places. You know, I’ve been in the industry a little over 20 years and, you know, coming over, I was like, hands in safety. That whole lot more understanding of safety.

Rey Treviño [00:10:59] Culture, environmental. You know, we are, regulated in a good way, I think. And we do what you are doing. It’s just, you know, was just so foolish to attack anybody. But. So, yes, environmental big key as well. So any questions? You don’t have me environmentally and not be every question is not small question. And they could even say stuff like American safety jokes. Just please reach out and thank you all very much. We’ll see you in another episode of The Crude Truth.

Kevin Hokett [00:11:35] Thanks for having us.

Keith Stelter [00:11:36] Thank you,.

Rey Treviño [00:11:36] Thank you,.

Kevin Hokett [00:11:38] Thank you sir.

Narrator [00:11:39] Again. Thank you to our sponsors. LFS. Chemistry, Nape Expo, Air Compressor Solutions, Exec Crue, Oil and Gas Workers Association Pecos Country operating.

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