January 25

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 62 Linzy Elizabeth CEO Coach w/ Co-Host Kristy Kerns


03:14 – It is possible to live free and live stress free
04:18 – Stress is normal
05:18 – The noise and the chaos
06:51 – The level of managing the problem
07:23 – The emotions
10:28 – Everytime I put myself first, my kids win
11:48 – The author of your experience
14:04 – Talk about being great
15:01 – Idea of greatness
17:36 – The truth of your own essence
18:31 – Anything stress free or anything stressful, both are happening in this moment
23:11 – The level of expertise



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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 62 Linzy Elizabeth CEO Coach w/ Co-Host Kristy Kerns

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Rey Treviño [00:00:00] Stress. It’s a part of everyday life as an entrepreneur. We talked to an expert on how to manage that. On this episode of The Crude Truth.

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Rey Treviño [00:01:41] Well, here we are. It is now a brand new year, and we are starting 2024 off with a bang. It’s just going to be another exciting year of the crude truth. And throughout the year, I’m actually going to be having guest hosts with me that are going to be experts in the field that we’re talking about, just to bring more knowledge to to all of you out there. And so with that being said, today I want to introduce my guest host today, Kristy Kerns. Kristy, how are you?

Kristy Kerns [00:02:07] I’m amazing. How are you?

Rey Treviño [00:02:07] Oh, doing well, thank you so much for coming back on in this time as a co-host. I’m just so excited. You being a life coach and motivational speaker out there, I couldn’t think of a better person to come have on today. To talk with our guest today. And so, without further ado, I’d like to introduce our guest today, Linzy Elizabeth. Coming from Indiana. Linzy, how are you?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:02:31] I am well, thank you for having me. Thank you. Kristy. Thank you. Rey, I’m looking forward in this conversation.

Rey Treviño [00:02:37] I’m excited about this. And thank you so much. We had to do a few thanks. Thank you for your patience there. The pre-production getting us all set up this morning. So thank you so much for your patience with us on that today. And, Linzy, I don’t know if you’re able to hear our teaser or not, but, you know, you’ve got such a great thing going on right now. And, with what you’re doing, you’re an executive life coach. And, for those out there that don’t know who you are. Linzy, can you tell us a little bit about yourself there?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:03:05] Yeah. So I am an executive coach, also a ballroom dancer, and I am just a lover of life. And it is possible to live free and live stress free. And I want to share that with everyone who is also interested in that possibility.

Kristy Kerns [00:03:24] That’s amazing.

Rey Treviño [00:03:25] I love how you put out there that little fun fact about yourself and of a ballroom dancer. And because I don’t know how many times you go places like and tell us something about you that nobody else know. So I love how, like, you just threw that right in there at, the out, and out there and now that’s really fun. But no, you were talking about stress. And, you know, Christy, as an entrepreneur, you know, it’s just ridiculous how much stress we truly have. It is so hard to manage that stress. I just say that, you know, there’s got to be ways that we can do that. And, Linzy, you know, being an executive coach, what’s one of the main things that you see that is one of the biggest stress balls or hurdles that you see with executives out there?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:04:08] So just even in the teaser, assuming our assumptions set up for the life that we’re going to have. So in the assumption that stress is normal and that stress has to be there now all of a sudden you’re set up to play a particular game when we can start to question, because literally our entire experience is showcasing to us is this stress thing, is that actually is that actually what we’re designed for because it pulls us out of our true nature poses, that stress in that place of pain is literally showcasing to us that there’s a better way.

Kristy Kerns [00:04:48] That’s amazing. You had it right on, like the nail right on the head right there. How do you, how do you teach your clients in regards to dealing with the stress?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:04:59] So I have a ten step system. Okay. But for sure, inquiry is the first place, because once we start to question so that the stress shows up, something has happened. Whether it’s within the work environment, whether it’s within the home environment, but you feel cold everywhere, the noise and the chaos. It’s like it’s like we’re living out here in the noise, in the chaos, and something is so distended within us, and we keep trying to solve the problem out here, and it just leads to more chaos. It might it might seem to work for a short period of time, but that period of time always ends, and then we’re back alone within our own selves. You can have all the money in the world, and you can have the in the marriage. You can be at the best party that you’ve ever visioned and find yourself completely lonely. And so what is that place where you’re descended? And to notice that and to question that, because that is the that place of pain is the arrow showcasing to you that there’s a better way.

Rey Treviño [00:06:03] Man. You know, what you mentioned there that how am I teaser? So it’s like I’m already mentally prepared for the stress. And that’s not a good thing, is it?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:06:13] Yeah. So it’s not designed in necessarily that it’s a good or a bad thing, but just start to notice something because as soon as we as soon as we box it in with a judgment, now we’re now you’re at the place again of doing the same thing you did with an expectation. So as soon as you coin it, good or bad, now you have an expectation and it has to have a certain result within that trajectory. So instead of saying it’s good or bad, just simply observe. Oh, I came into this with an assumption. Now that I have that assumption, it’s blocking me from complete creativity and complete access to actually solving the problem. And now you’re actually in the level of managing the problem. And I’m not interested in managing, like anything that is not goodness. So this show is called The Crude Truth. So all the things that are rooted in actual truth, their love, their goodness, their joy, they are freedom in anything that is not of that. It may it’s it’s very it’s very much an illusion. It seems to work, but it always has an end date and always expires. Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:07:19] Wow. You know, that’s something, Kristy, you’ve talk about the new assumptions. You go into things.

Kristy Kerns [00:07:23] Yeah. The emotions, I guess it’s, you know, are the emotions real is when I try to say, no, they’re not they’re implanted on us from everybody else. It’s so it’s like tap into those emotions, understand where they’re coming from and put them in a box. And then we have to figure out that emotion. So that sounds very similar. What you do with your program, the seven steps.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:07:41] Yeah. So and I kind of I’ll put my little twist on how I feel emotions. I view emotions as that. They are completely real in the fact that we are experiencing them. And those emotions have a frequency like you can feel. I have a low vibe right now where, oh my goodness, I’m so happy and I’m ecstatic. And I have this really high vibe and everybody wants positive energy. But to realize those emotions actually come literally with a frequency. So back to the truth of all things. We forget that everything actually is energy. Like you, me, this room, I’m in the room that you’re in, we’re literally periodic tables composed in a certain way. And then so what is what really is us. Us, the person we all have breath of life with inside of us. Someone who lives underneath a bridge. Someone in the high rise in New York City. Me here, you guys there like that is universal to every human being. And so when we really start to break this down and really understand what is true, oh, I really am. I have this awareness inside of me. And then I have this body and I actually am feeling these emotions. But what do they mean? And how can they actually lead me into a better way? And so when I said before that, when stress shows up, when the pain shows up, whether you call it stress, whether you call it pain, whether you call it an emotion and in the pain. I’m not talking about physical pain. You just got hit by a car. I’m talking about emotional pain. But that pain is there to set you free.

Kristy Kerns [00:09:09] So do you feel when you work with your clients that obviously those emotions are those pains are what are withholding them. And that’s why don’t you set that free. They obviously skyrocket and the their business and everything.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:09:22] So the emotion is something that we get very used to feeling that, I walk in the house and that spouse is there, and they always leave the fork in the sink. And so I’m irritated about that. And it’s a direct attack on me, as opposed to they just have the fork in the sink. So we we are conditioned and we have those certain emotional responses. But those emotions then are created by our thoughts, and our thoughts are created by our beliefs. So going deeper at the belief level now, you can create a new emotional pattern. And when you create a new emotional pattern, you’re going to literally experience a different reality and you literally will experience, a different energetic frequency as well.

Kristy Kerns [00:10:02] I love that.

Rey Treviño [00:10:04] And I tell you what, you are, lazy. You’re just really you’re giving us some amazing knowledge today. And I love how you brought in the word energy and said that we’re all created from energy on the periodic table. I think that’s a that’s an awesome teaser right there for this episode. I want to, visit on, one of your posts that you’ve done. And I really enjoyed it. And the title of it was every time I put Myself First, my kids win, and I just, you know, that just caught my eye. I’ve got a very young one. And, you know, being an entrepreneur, it is a hard time sometimes to figure it out. And you got to have a whole team to really help you out when you have a family. But I wanted you to just discuss in this article. I thought it was just amazing.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:10:52] So just this concept of you first. Because even going to stress and burnout, going to your family, it’s the same principle in play it just as a different application of the principles. So, we are so conditioned in, I’m going to say, American culture, to. Put other people first that we need to have impact, that you need to make sure that you serve, that, you need to make sure how is your team doing? Put everybody else first. But once again, we forget very practical insights. Like no one says, it’s selfish if you use toilet paper in the bathroom. Like everybody’s like actually like, thank you. We number one, we don’t have to think about it. And number two, if you hadn’t, we would ask you to please go take care of yourself. So there are certain things that when it’s we, we think that it’s selfish to take care of ourselves and selfish to originate with ourselves when that really is. You are the author of your experience and you are the beginning of that experience. So before you are a CEO, before you are a parent, before you are even the person who walks in the bathroom, you are first you you have this body, but you’re first the awareness. Because if all of a sudden I died right now, my body would be here. But Linzy somehow not here. Where’s Linzy? And we say that with Alzheimer’s patients like we see them, but oh my goodness, where are they? And so in and the same sense, if we did exploratory surgery on me, Linzy’s there and she’s breathing, but we can’t find her. Like, where is Linzy? Inside. Like, she’s not her kidneys. She’s not her heart. And so it’s so silly to think that it distances from the truth and from remaining what is true about us in that awareness. Because that is where your experience begins. And when you choose you and you learn what it looks like to live in love and serve from love from that place, including yourself, everybody wins. And so when I write win, win, win, it’s not just I win and it’s not just you guys win. So I’m winning in this conversation because I’m showing up as my authentic self. You’re winning because you’re also doing that. And then whatever gets created from this space and whoever listens and whatever emanates from this, now it’s a win win win. Whereas if I showed up is, oh, I have to perform, I have to look a certain way, be a certain way, a certain way, make sure everybody thinks of me a certain way. Now, some I put that, those expectations on that and I’ve boxed it in and I don’t have access to my full authenticity. And so once again, back to energy when I show up as my authentic self that allows you and whoever else I interact, that interact with, it’s like it just it gives that permission. And now we’re just in this it just as a completely different game.

Kristy Kerns [00:13:37] You’re in this high state of flow. Everything flows. The way I see downhill and flow. Yes. The energy.

Rey Treviño [00:13:46] Oh well oh my gosh, I mean I this is just too awesome. The vibe and just the but how about it? It’s amazing how, I’m listening and learning so much more and, and something else that I thought about because you talking about Linzy. Win win. And the other day, I heard somebody talk about being great. And it’s like, if being great, does it mean you’re, the cocky or the truly the best that the great? It’s like, hey, you’re building this around you and this assumption, you kind of like you’re talking about like, hey, just be yourself and don’t assume. And and if you’re like that, you’re not being selfish or things like that, you know, kind of like when you put yourself first because I think we’re, we’re trained from a young age. That if you put yourself first. You’re being selfish and you’re not Sherry. And that is true to some degree. But really, it’s so much more than that. It’s like we got to help ourselves out to help others, right?

Kristy Kerns [00:14:44] It’s always first. I always say my perfect example is when you’re on the airplane, they say, put your oxygen mask on first and then alien, your children, the guest next to you, you first and then others. It’s not selfish, it’s selfless.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:14:58]  100%. yeah. And even this idea of, greatness. When is that available? It’s available in this moment right now. So even in that we can get lost in the. And it seems selfish to pursue a something great or to what does it look like to be a great parent that all starts in this moment, and then that stress and the burnout that comes when we’re taken away from this moment. Because if I’m worried about the things that happened yesterday that I can’t change, or if I’m worried about the things that even I have to do after this call that I am not doing yet at this time, that just as Kristy and said, like it takes you out of that state of flow where you have the gift of flow available literally in every single moment, regardless of what you’re doing.

Kristy Kerns [00:15:48] Be present, be in the moment. I love it. That’s amazing, I love it. So there’s another one that you said it. It was dear men desire stress free. Can you explain that a little bit I love that,.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:16:01] Yeah. So the dear men, and I actually have gotten lots of messages about that and figured I. Yeah, it was addressing specifically men in here. I am a blond hair, blue eyes, female. But once again, it doesn’t go to the external, goes to the internal. Because I think that men in between clients, between conversations that I have with prospective clients, between just conversations I have in general, most of my inner circle, close inner circle is male. And so I just me personally, I just have a, I don’t even know what the right word is. Open tendency. For just my entire life, I’ve just had lots of close guy friends. But I also think that men are very unseen, and they also have a very stringent, strict, rigid set of expectations. And patriarchy doesn’t just like, I know that there’s a lot of pushback of patriarchy in females and how it hurts females, but it hurts the men as well, because just as much as, I can’t imagine living as a man and being expected to do all these things and all these specific things about females and do it all perfect and correctly, like, how are they supposed to do that? That’s not possible. And so whenever we have those rigid expectations, when the power, when someone is able to see you and able to speak to you in that way, it is it it can be life changing when you’re able to see your own, the truth of your own essence through the voice of somebody else. And so that’s what I’m hoping to do for men specifically as well.

Kristy Kerns [00:17:43] I think you’re on the right track with that for sure.

Rey Treviño [00:17:46] Well, you know, and that that was the one that, being again, in the oil and gas industry, it’s like, you know, I loved how it said desire stress free. And again, like my when I’m sorry, Linzy, like, my teaser says, like, you know, we’re just stressed out all the time and we’re already prepared for it. And obviously that’s not a good thing. And, so that was, you know, another reason why I’d ask you to come on. It’s like, hey, this is so important that, like, I wish I didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night thinking about things that are going on out in the oil field or this or that. That’s like, if we could just get stress free. And yes, I think we do desire stress free. And I think sometimes we think of it as the end result rather than trying to, like y’all are talking about, live in the moment with it.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:18:30] Yeah. Because if anything stress free or anything stressful, both are happening in this moment. And so even if you’re reliving a past moment or if you’re thinking about, oh no, when I wake up tomorrow, I have this to do. You’re still experiencing in this moment. And so when you’re able to unpack that and understand what’s happening inside of you and what’s happening that’s triggering those thoughts, that then is causing those emotional patterns, now we can change. And when you change, when you when you change it at that level, it shifts everything. It shifts your parenting, it shifts your relationships, it shifts, your your self love for your own body. It’s like it shifts when when you start to clear up the lies. That in lies sounds harsh, but yet here we are. We’re talking about crude truth. Yeah. And so, it really is the fear and the lies at the root of it. But then that sounds great. And also, what does that look like? In everyday life.

Rey Treviño [00:19:32] Wow. You know, let’s see, another thing about you, that I wanted our our listeners and viewers to know about you is that not only, you know, first of all, thank you for coming on my podcast or TV show, as I like to call it. But you also have your own podcast and it’s called unmuted. Is that correct?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:19:50] Yes. Unmuted with Linzy Elizabeth.

Rey Treviño [00:19:52] Yeah. Tell us a little bit about it.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:19:54] Yeah. So my goal with that is to help people see their lives through other people’s stories so that they can unlock whatever it is that’s holding them back.

Rey Treviño [00:20:02] Very nice. And, since you are a podcaster, what’s one of the things that you found the most surprising since you’ve lost your podcast?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:20:13] It probably like in terms of the process of the podcast, it probably took. It because I’m like 75 episodes right now. By the time this is or something more. But, it takes a while before you even understand the thing that you’re creating because you start with something. And so whether you apply this principle to your career or when you apply it to parenting, or you apply it to a project or entrepreneurship, like you say, yes. So I had this acronym for my a small part of my process, that I share on podcasts and such. So the acronym why are you. Why is. Yes. O is for ownership in use for unmute. So as you start to realize that your life’s experience begins with you literally while you now you begin paying attention, what am I saying yes to? And of course, there’s no so that you began saying yes to the correct things that are actually aligned for you. And then the second one is own ownership of it. And so, as I said yes to starting to do my podcast, and now I took ownership of it and continue it in it. It just evolves with time. And whenever you say yes to something that is aligned for you, it’s a catalyst for your own evolution as well, as well as creating win win wins for everyone else.

Rey Treviño [00:21:30] Oh wow.

Kristy Kerns [00:21:32] That’s deep. That hit me right there. Thank you for that.

Rey Treviño [00:21:37] Man. And so for everybody out there, you got to check out obviously her podcast unmuted. I mean, just the way you were passionate about it. I mean, I gotta I know for me, I probably need to be more passionate about the crude truth. I sometimes I just don’t. I mean, dang, I, I love my show. I love the podcast, which kind pretty out there. But man, Linzy, you just you just took it to a whole nother level with, with with the way you’re doing your podcast and, you’re sharing out there with what you’re doing and your passion. I mean, you just felt like there was no tomorrow with that right now. You know, Linzy, as we wrap it up on time, I definitely want to know how people could get a hold of you. Like, you know, your website and how they can reach out to you.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:22:19] Yes. So, my most, LinkedIn is my most active social in. That’s, Linzy Elizabeth on LinkedIn. And then my email is Linzy Linzy @ Linzy elizabeth.com and my website is Linzy unmuted?

Rey Treviño [00:22:36] But, you know, for for those out there, you know, what type of people or individuals are you, to talking to and helping out at this time right now?

Linzy Elizabeth [00:22:47] And so it’s it’s amazing when you put something out there, it literally lets people self qualify. And so if I had put stay at home moms, my, my modality could literally work with anybody. But who is it that I want to work with and then what what level of energy do I want to bring? And so I choose specifically CEOs because that is the level of expertise that I have available. And then when a CEO works with me, it doesn’t just change them in their relationship with selves, it changes their leadership. It changes, the creativity in the solutions and the alignment that they have available. And it literally just filters down and it shifts. It shifts everything. Because when you shift your energy, it shifts. It literally shifts everything.

Rey Treviño [00:23:35] It’s almost like the trickle down effect you hope at the top. It then works its way down into all the employees and everybody else. That’s frickin genius.

Kristy Kerns [00:23:43] Gotta have a right driver of the bus to lead the pack. For sure.

Rey Treviño [00:23:47] Oh my gosh. Well, Linzy, again, I cannot thank you enough. Kristy. Thank you very much for bringing your insight in. And, for again, for those of you all out there, please, please look out, you know, check out, Linzy’s, podcast unmuted. And also, you know, if y’all have any other questions for Kristy as well, please, please reach out to her as well. And thank you all again for listening, and we’ll see you all again on another episode of The Crude Truth.

Linzy Elizabeth [00:24:10] Again, thank you to our sponsors. LFS chemistry, Nape Expo, Air Compressor Solutions, Exec Crue, Oil and Gas Workers Association, Pecos Country operating.

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