November 20

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 55 Kristy Kerns: Life Coach and Keynote Motivational Speaker


“It’s not you it’s me,” and That’s THE CRUDE TRUTH. . . In this day in age people have a hard time dealing with change and life coaches and mentors are more important than ever. Sit back and enjoy this great episode of THE CRUDE TRUTH as we visit with Speaker and Life Coach Kristy Kerns. She dives into why individuals benefit from having a life coach and that sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to come back up.



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THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep. 55 Kristy Kerns: Life Coach and Keynote Motivational Speaker


Rey Treviño [00:00:00] Embracing change. That could be one of the hardest things anybody can do. And now is a time of change. We talked to an expert next on this episode of The Crude Truth.

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Rey Treviño [00:01:43] Well, good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Whatever the time of day it is that you’re either watching this episode or listening. Thank you, as always, for tuning in for another episode of The Crude Truth. I am here again today in our Dallas studio and I’m just so excited because we are here now. It is the fall. It is our season of change, obviously for common sense and practical reasons, but also we’re going through so much change. And as the next year rolls on, there’s even going to be more change. And guess what? No body can handle change properly. Nine times out of ten. And that’s the crude truth. And today I have just brought on somebody that is literally an expert in this field. I have brought on somebody that is a speaker, an author and a life coach. Today, my guest is Kristy Kerns. Kristy. How are you?.

Kristy Kerns [00:02:34]  I’m doing amazing. Thank you. How are you?

Rey Treviño [00:02:36] Oh, my gosh. I cannot complain. I’ll say that. It’s a good day.

Kristy Kerns [00:02:40] Very Good

Rey Treviño [00:02:42] Thank you. Thank you so much for coming in and being on on the crude truth. And as you heard and as we talked about in our little pre-production meeting, that it’s like there’s so much change going on in the world and nobody can embrace it. It’s just so hard to embrace the change. And right now, nobody’s even talking about. And so you are literally an expert in this field. I mean, you have a degree in health science. You have been a life coach and you are a mentor to other individuals. So it was a no brainer to have you come on be on the show and give the crude truth in a smooth way and not just shove something down their throats, you know? So, Kristy, you know, for listeners out there, you know, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kristy Kerns [00:03:32] Obviously, Kristy, I have my bachelor’s in health science. I was in the medical field for about 20 years. I used my coaching, obviously not certified back then. Just then, the O.R. recovery patients. What I observed as I worked in cosmetic is that no matter if you’re fixing somebody on the outside, if you don’t fix the insides, you’ll never be perfect. So I tapped into the coaching and that’s basically what kind of skyrocketed my my passion about this.

Rey Treviño [00:03:59] Wow. Okay. So you were in the medical field helping individuals on a daily basis already, and it’s like, hey, how I can help you out here. But I mean, it’s so true. It’s like, what’s on the inside is truly what matters in it. And I mean, you can you can meet somebody and they can look one way on the outside. But if they’re just a pure, genuine person, they’re beautiful inside it.

Kristy Kerns [00:04:25] Yes. It radiates through.

Rey Treviño [00:04:26] Yes, it truly does. And if they’re a bad person, that could radiate through, I think as well, it kind of change your whole perception on somebody instantly, I would think.

Kristy Kerns [00:04:37] Yes, it does.

Rey Treviño [00:04:38] And I just I can’t imagine that. And I feel like sometimes I think that’s something that we all see is like we finally see somebody for what they are on the inside and you can’t deal with it sometimes because you’re like, well, this is what I see. But yet the person that now sees the wheel just take it easy, the ugly on someone you know, how can you see them in a. Better way to get or embrace the change that you see.

Kristy Kerns [00:05:03] What I like to teach is basically. Yes, there’s ugly and everybody and we have emotions. But if you’re you’re apart, let’s say a relationship, if you’re wanting to understand your partner why they’re having those emotions are being ugly it’s most likely triggers. So if you tap into what go deeper, what are the triggers that are bringing that up? Because technically it’s not against you. It’s something that the person that is portraying that anger or whatever it is, our ugliness. So fixing that person and understanding why why are you doing this and going deeper. But also teaching partnership and relationships with business or anything that it’s for the other person receiving it. They need to be able to empathize, ask, maybe acknowledge their feelings, ask why or why are you feeling this way? And is there anything that I can do to change this or help it to come? So it’s really a lot and just depth of going down in triggers, because once you heal those triggers, that won’t be the ugly part coming out

Rey Treviño [00:06:01] Wow, So there’s a lot of communication that goes.

Kristy Kerns [00:06:04] Yes, you have to be able to communicate because if I’m going to, let’s say, be in a relationship and my partner is having a bad day, what is it really the bad day? Or is it something or did I do something that made that come up? But it’s really not me, it’s them. So it’s always the embrace, the change for yourself.

Rey Treviño [00:06:20] So usually then it is true that say it’s not you, it’s me. Yeah, that is usually true.

Kristy Kerns [00:06:25] That it is true. There studies been shown. It’s the mirror effect. You know the mirror effect. Meaning that I am projecting on to you all about me are what I feel are you know what? I see myself So changing that mirror, it’s very, very helpful on what you project to other people.

Rey Treviño [00:06:43] Who okay when you see the mirror effect and so would it be then if somebody were to go it’s always about you. Is that part of that mirror affected?

Kristy Kerns [00:06:52] Yes, because they’re saying it’s always about you. But if they’re the one with though, it’s always about you. Well, then is it really all about your eyes and about me? Because I’m constantly. Well, it’s always about you more if I’m the one pointing the finger than am I asking too many questions. Are do I, you know, are look at me, look at me or look at me. So it’s really just paying attention to.

Rey Treviño [00:07:13] Well done. That’s a crude truth right there. But somebody says that it’s all about you. They’re probably talking about themselves. And. And it also goes back to that what is that cheesy old saying where when you point the finger at someone, you got, you know, 3 or 4 fingers.

Kristy Kerns [00:07:27] Pointing back at you. Yes.

Rey Treviño [00:07:29] Wow. Wow. Powerful. It is powerful to where you can almost empathize with that person in a different way and be like, oh, okay.

Kristy Kerns [00:07:39] Yes.

Rey Treviño [00:07:39] And I being a smart ass, I want to say I apologize.

Kristy Kerns [00:07:41] That’s okay. And that’s what I that’s what I want to teach, because many people don’t understand that or know that. And I think that’s really why friendships, relationships, marriages fail because they don’t understand that dynamic. They take it personally that it’s my fault or the person you know, Oh, it’s not you, it’s me. Well, no, it really is you. I know. So let’s fix that. It’s not you, it’s me. It really is me. I think, though.

Rey Treviño [00:08:06] Oh, well, let’s. Let’s start back. Let’s go back a little bit. Because you said, you know, this is really what I want to teach, what I want to coach. Okay. So you were in the medical field. Yes. 20 years. When did this change happen for you to embrace it, that, hey, I need to step out on my own, be an entrepreneur and go and do this line of work.

Kristy Kerns [00:08:27] When I met my I actually was a client of my mentor. And I first time I saw her as a coach, she’s actually got a Ph.D., a psychologist and everything. But she, Marty, just she but drew from that and teaches the formula that she so I asked her about it. Question I was very intrigued by it. And she’s like, You have the gift. I think you’ll be amazing on it. And I said, I want to learn. And I just started learning. I went through her course. I went, Master, you know, all the way up to the top. I still go back. I still see her, I still ask questions and learn. And it was just so life changing, just knowing her story and how she held to actually actually own two drug rehab facilities and close them down because she was just like, all I’m doing is masking the problems of drugs and addiction and stuff like that. Addiction can be anything, you know, working out or being anything. So there’s something deeper. And when she taught me that, that’s when I decided that this is definitely for me. And I just took it kind of skyrocketed.

Rey Treviño [00:09:27] You know, when you when you mentioned addiction, I know that’s not 100% would would would I know you help individuals, but you talk about masking. That is so true. You know, when you see somebody that has that addicted to drugs and all of a sudden they’d become, I believe in God before. Okay, before we go on. And I believe that Jesus saved us from our sins. You know, believe it or not, I’m a good old fashioned Southern Baptist. But but a lot of these individuals, all of a sudden we become very religious. And I think it’s more that they still got that addiction fix on to what’s the next thing to be addicted to.

Kristy Kerns [00:10:04] So, yes, the hyper focused received offer that addiction but now hyper focused on, let’s say religion or spirituality or whatever. And so now that’s their new addiction. So it’s still an addiction. It’s just not the narcotics or whatever it is.

Rey Treviño [00:10:18] Right. And so we have again, you mentioned working out, I know somebody that get up, put it down and also became a professional partner or professional runner, you know, just and then you hear me say things like, oh, man, has a good heart. You know, you get that runner’s high.

Kristy Kerns [00:10:30] Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:10:30] Oh, okay. Well, there you go.

Kristy Kerns [00:10:33] Yeah. That’s what happens when the addiction.

Rey Treviño [00:10:35] Yes. And so I found that very interesting that it’s like you’re just masking the problem. And so how do you being a life coach and somebody that speaks to groups, you know, what are you telling them in that scenario of, hey, you just you know, and that’s I.

Kristy Kerns [00:10:52] Well, everybody’s different, obviously depends on their addiction. It really goes down to childhood and what people have implanted on this. So it’s can be, you know, like a father are the mother whether they’re present I’m trying to get this I call in the love languages but filled in the wrong way. So I’m going to look for I’m going to say a high on something. And but that high is not fulfilling. Are the shopping, you know, not fulfilling those things? What is the deeper root? So like I have a client obviously just, you know, they’re super, super successful father Never. Gave them any positive reports, said I love you or anything. So this person has addictions on many aspects and is looking for that a plate. I call him a pleaser, trying to please everybody to receive that love that they never got.

Rey Treviño [00:11:46] Yes. Wow. You know, you’ve really kind of I feel like it opened up my eyes that there’s so much at the root that is common sense in a way which you hear about, which is, you know, having a loving family or, hey, you may truly have a problem with yourself more than anything else.

Kristy Kerns [00:12:07] It is. It is self because we I mean, we can’t blame anybody else because we all have choices, right? Our parents had choices or whoever raised us. They did the best that they could, raising us that they were taught. And we’re taking on their tie. And so but we have a choice. And if you want to keep on, I call it the vicious cycle, the on a spiral up or do you want to spiral down so you want to go to your higher power than you and be the best version of you? You want to go up. So you have to spiral down and understand that, oh, inside here. So down from when I was five years old, this happened or six years old or whatever too. And address those and rip the Band-Aids off. And by me, my coaching and my techniques and healing and stop your literally healing from the inside out, I like to say put the thought on you and your healing from the inside out and it brings you up.

Rey Treviño [00:12:56] So would you say that again? I’m not an expert in this area. I told you, you know, before the hey, I’m in the only gas industry and you know, and I blast. But you know, I definitely don’t get too open or emotional. Would there be a correlation between spiraling down to to get into the problem and hitting rock bottom?

Kristy Kerns [00:13:14] Yes,.

Rey Treviño [00:13:14] So to speak.

Kristy Kerns [00:13:14] I usually call it. Oh, you dug yourself a hole because your your action jurisdictions and everything about I help the people in a sense dig a hole because then I’m going to get there digging the hole. I’m filling it with water by healing them. They think I’m drowning them. And what they’re and what I’m doing is I’m filling the hole. This is the way I terminate.

Rey Treviño [00:13:34] Yeah.

Kristy Kerns [00:13:34] Filling the hole with water because you’ll eventually float to the top and you can just climb out. So I’m here helping you when you hit rock bottom to get to the top. But you think I’m drowning you by hitting all the triggers and the wounds and healing and everything. But if you trust in me, I’ll get you to the top and I’ll let you just walk out.

Rey Treviño [00:13:53] May. A year dealt with loss of knowledge by day to day. And I mean, it makes total sense. It’s like, let’s just slowly rise to the top.

Kristy Kerns [00:14:04] And I’ll be there with you.

Rey Treviño [00:14:05] And it’s not an overnight thing, you know. You know, you take time to fill that hole with water and rise.

Kristy Kerns [00:14:12] But actually their fight and me.

Rey Treviño [00:14:14] Yeah, Yeah, me and you are. So how long now have you been on this journey of being, you know, doing the the life coaching and talking and, you know, being an author because you do write as well.

Kristy Kerns [00:14:28] I do, yeah. I do little blogs and stuff like that. Obviously, just from my own knowledge, I’m not a professional writer like Who would say that. I try to give little pointers of what I know. I have had my certification almost five years now.

Rey Treviño [00:14:44] Okay. Okay. And you know, as an entrepreneur or, you know, how has that journey, you know, been, you know, just just on that whole stamp?

Kristy Kerns [00:14:50] Well,.

Rey Treviño [00:14:51] I was one of the hardest. What’s one of the best things so far?

Kristy Kerns [00:14:53] Well, it was hard because I said I got certified and then started right when Covid. So not seeing people all to person. So then it was Zoom. But you’re really and I and I love Zoom and but it just is not the same as belly to belly. I’m very you know, you can vibe off of each other.

Rey Treviño [00:15:09] Right.

Kristy Kerns [00:15:09] And understand and you’re not distracted. So that kind of put me at a hole for a little bit. I did have a couple clients that I did Zoom, but then I just I went to a mentorship retreat and this man just kind of, you know, I went in thinking I was going to do something else. And it really tapped into, you know, this is my passion and my purpose. So let’s bring that coaching part and make it my business, not just by, hey, helping you out or whatever. So that’s really where what happened?

Rey Treviño [00:15:39] Well, you know, as we talked about, you have your blog in what I call articles. You know, one of them and I want to highlight is you. It’s called Practical Tips from a Life Coach. I mean, that seems like a pretty good, you know, can we talk about that a little bit? I mean, did you know what is it about being you know, what what are some of these practical tips that people can just, you know, like, oh, okay.

Kristy Kerns [00:16:04] Well, obviously, that ranges from everywhere. I’ll just do the tips that I use personally and have seen who every morning I get up and your attitude some days are a little bit rarer than others and hey, give it simple for the air that I breathe, my heart pumping. I didn’t have to do anything. Once you set your mindset, it’s. You can. And to predict your day, we wake up. Oh, I’m running late. Or whatever that predicts your day. So it’s really mindset, mindset, mindset, mindset and just getting yourself. If I can have everybody do a mindset in the morning and even before you go to sleep, because when you’re sleeping, you go into our air and all that good stuff, it really does retrain your your brain. I truly believe in affirmations sleeping at night because your brain will receive them because we’re in hyper alert, right? We’re sleeping because we’re animals. And God forbid somebody breaks into our house. That’s so that that’s another tip. Obviously, I like to tell people to segment and is what I call it. So and I do this every day. I literally write how my day is going to go,.

Rey Treviño [00:17:06] Okay

Kristy Kerns [00:17:06] And I go, Great. I give gratitude that it’s already happened. So I’m living in that emotion and that feeling that it’s already happened and the present tense, because that keeps you on that high, that natural high always.

Rey Treviño [00:17:20] And that’s first thing in the morning.

Kristy Kerns [00:17:22] First thing in the morning goes.

Rey Treviño [00:17:23] Like, I got to go for me is like, I got to go fix this. Well, today. So first of all, I’m like, Man, I’m excited that I fixed this well today, first thing in the morning or drilling a new one and, you know, put me on producing a million barrels a day. Right. My goal. But okay, that’s awesome.

Kristy Kerns [00:17:38] Yes. I literally sit there, have coffee, I don’t check emails or anything. It’s it’s my time. 30 minutes of my time and that’s it. And if everybody did that, their life would definitely start changing a little bit.

Rey Treviño [00:17:52] Wow. Wow. So do you help, I guess, build out schedules for individuals as well as being a coach and all that kind of stuff? We just kind of say, hey.

Kristy Kerns [00:18:00] Now I just give my opinion, put it on your calendar socially. Everybody, you know, if you do put it on your calendar, I put on my phone. Okay, morning scripting, that’s what I call it. And there you go. So.

Rey Treviño [00:18:10] You know, for someone that would do that, right, and take these tips, there are suggestions they would have to be changing and they’re going to embrace that change. Why is it so difficult for us, especially for men, you know, to to not embrace the change that we have.

Kristy Kerns [00:18:31] Because we’re all programed already. Okay. We’re all programed or why would I want to change it? It’s it’s the unknown. You’re not going to know what’s going to come if I’m going to make little changes. Just like having a, you know, a change in your body when you work out everything, it’s the unknown and it’s scary for many people.

Rey Treviño [00:18:48] Wow. Wow. You know, I feel like in today’s world, you know, we’re at a place right now to where nobody talks. And I think the mentors, life coaches are becoming more of an important thing because we are so unfortunately divided that nobody’s willing to to really just sit down and talk face to face or, as you said, belly to belly about what’s going on, about the changes or more importantly, embrace the changes that they can have. You know, are you seeing that as well that that that’s happening?

Kristy Kerns [00:19:23] You know, I think I’m a totally different person on this earth because everybody, no matter where it is, are attracted to me. So I think that I track that. So I don’t really see that. So I mean, I meet strangers and I’m hearing their life story and I give advice and I have no idea what their name is, basically. So for me, it’s a little bit different experience. If I’m to take myself out and look at the world, I would probably say yes. I think that there’s a lot of dynamics out there, social media, you know, all this stuff that is separating the the human connection that we were designed to have.

Rey Treviño [00:19:57] You know, you talk about social beauty in that you are human, designed to have that connection. I was listening to one person talk the other day and they go, oh, I remember when I did this work with a group 15 years ago and that when during during our breaks, we all sit there and we all talked and it was like, Hey, we got to break, We’re doing this. He goes, But then 20 years later, we all got together again for new project and during breaks everybody is just right there on their phone going through stuff. And it it’s like, you know, you’re 2 or 3ft away from somebody and you’re not even talking to.

Kristy Kerns [00:20:31] Yes, that’s happened. I actually did a Fox interviews that it’s called fobbing for relationships and and shoving for friendships. Okay. And when I was on vacation, everybody was on their phone. There was, I think, 18 of us. And I took everybody’s folder, put it in my purse, and they were so mad. It was funny. I had dinner. They were actually very upset. And I’m like, Why are we at dinner if we’re not communicating with each other?

Rey Treviño [00:20:55] No, I mean, that’s true. I mean, I’ve got a good friend that’s got a group called the Crew Club Connection Crew, JP Warren. And you know, that’s a whole point to his dinners. It’s like, no, we’re all going to be here and we’re going to talk. And it’s like we’re going to have good conversations and network and network in a way of just, Hey, how are you doing that? Hey, I need let me show you my gadget today, you know?

Kristy Kerns [00:21:17] Exactly.

Rey Treviño [00:21:19] So I’ve been I can’t imagine I’ve been on we talk about shutting down. I’ve been on one cruise in my life and. That was like truly the most shut down I’ve been in. Because, you know, once you get out of, you know, out over the ocean, you got nothing unless you want to spit in the air. I mean, yeah. And so I’m like, nope, I’m good. And it felt nice.

Kristy Kerns [00:21:37] It’s so big or 18. And people don’t understand that. I mean, phones are designed to be a a addict. You know, that’s what they’re. So we’re constantly I mean, studies are even your phone’s down and it’s on silent, but you’re constantly looking at it, too. Yeah. You know, if it’s on silent, you’re looking at more. So it’s very interesting. Just the people don’t understand the disconnection part of it.

Rey Treviño [00:21:59] Oh, it’s a total disconnect. I think so. I mean, you know, other than making a phone call, I mean, it’s really, you know, and then you talk about being disconnected and yet how connected are we now that we’re always have a phone with us, but yet we’re still even.

Kristy Kerns [00:22:11] Oh, no. Where where, where you’re disconnected than anything. You know, everybody’s like, oh, if there’s an emergency, I’m like, Well, what happened when you were like, We just had house phones and there was emergency. You waited to find out.

Rey Treviño [00:22:22] I know. That is so true. It’s like what happened back in the day. It’s like, you know, you would wait or, you know, I remember, you know, my dad had a cell phone very early on, but it was you know, you didn’t call. They’ll call on that, you know, And you know, you are you know, you’re going to page my dad and then, you know, and then when he gets to it, he will call you back. And, you know, and of course, if I was in trouble or something, then it worked out not to be like, Oh, God, you know, mom, your mom call your father. But no, you know, I just remember those days. And nowadays, you know, as I told you like before, we got it. And I love fishing and it’s just great to get out in the middle of the ocean. And you can’t can’t check your phone other than to maybe take a picture. Which is a good thing, I think. But no, to be with a group of 18 people and be at dinner and. But what’s the whole point. Everybody going all like you should be is like aren’t you with 18 people you’d be sending stuff to anywhere.

Kristy Kerns [00:23:13] Exactly. Yeah. So it was very interesting just the dynamics. But everybody actually thanked me and said that that was the best dinner because everybody got to communicate. There was a couple there. I just met em the same thing, talking about the phone. I was like, I understand you’re addicted to phones, but are you? You know, we all work from our phones, but you can put your phones down, especially when you’re hanging out on the weekends for two hours, put a timer on, connect with each other, go check your phones for 15 minutes, then put them back on silent and, you know, make time for each other. That’s what that’s what’s the problem with this world?

Rey Treviño [00:23:46] Yeah.

Kristy Kerns [00:23:46] Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:23:46] No, I mean, I know exactly what you mean. Yeah. You know, you think about people are just always sitting there on your phone scrolling and, you know, and I mean, that’s. And there’s a generation that’s, you know, younger than me that doesn’t even know life without these phones.

Kristy Kerns [00:24:02] I’ve seen kids texting each other. They’re sitting right next to each other. It’s yeah, the socialization skills that are happening to the children, it’s they’re terrible.

Rey Treviño [00:24:10] There is no more socialization skills. I mean, and then I’ve got a young one and I’ll take him to the park and sometimes I’ll see the parents just like on the phone while they’re pushing their kids. And I’m like, Are you not in the moment? No. Like, let’s be a little bit off, you know, picture.

Kristy Kerns [00:24:26] Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:24:27] That’s not the parents with my cell phone. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

Kristy Kerns [00:24:30] No, I know, I know. I’ve seen it, too. I like to watch and observe and just see couples out their kids. And both couples are on social media. They’re not talking to each other. They’re, you know, younger child is sitting there talking alone. And I’m like, that’s just like so much. That’s I mean, distractions. It’s distraction. But what are you teaching? You know, those are going to be triggers that you’re going to have to fix as an adult. You know, maybe not my generation by coaches or whatever, because my parents weren’t present. I didn’t I didn’t learn how to communicate. I don’t know my proper mannerism to use a fork or whatever. You know, kids are their brains are sponges and.

Rey Treviño [00:25:09] Yes.

Kristy Kerns [00:25:09] And what are you what are we teaching our children.

Rey Treviño [00:25:12] Oh, bad. You just, you just kicked it off to a whole other spot. And with that being said, I want to one thing since we’re talking about children and Oprah, everybody loves her children. So I want to I want to just kind of switch gears and see if you would redo that quote that you mentioned about love, if you recall during our little pre-production.

Kristy Kerns [00:25:34] Remember the quote? But I will say, yeah,.

Rey Treviño [00:25:36] Yeah, yeah.

Kristy Kerns [00:25:37] Basically it to me we were talking about emotions and God, Jesus is pure love and our heart is pure and love. You will know when it’s pure love. So if you’re feeling angry or upset or anything, that means that you’re not loving Christ, like you’re not loving pure love. So just go back. And if you focus on your heart bringing love to that, then those emotions that are their faults, emotions that somebody else implanted on us will go away and then you’ll be back on your path downhill to the perfect journey that you’re supposed to be on.

Rey Treviño [00:26:08] And that’s the crude truth. I cannot thank you enough for that. I was like I said, I loved it. I was like, and then you when you mention kids because I think having a son has probably nothing but pure joy. And that purity right here having. It is just amazing. And that’s what he is. He is pure answer. And it’s like, how can I continue to do that? And, you know, now I’m like, okay, I need to be I feel like I need to be more present. So I’m like, so obvious. I guess. So the problem with me, right?

Kristy Kerns [00:26:40] see, I don’t have children, so it’s not a problem for me.

Rey Treviño [00:26:43] So it’s like feels like, well, obviously I’m doing something and so I cannot thank you enough. You know, how can people that that either need to get a motivational speaker or that want to talk about that hey they they can’t embrace embrace change and they need need you know how can people find.

Kristy Kerns [00:27:00] They can find me on LinkedIn are my website mastering masteringyourlifewithKristy .com.

Rey Treviño [00:27:04] Mastering your life with Kristy dot com.

Kristy Kerns [00:27:06] Yeah Uh-huh.

Rey Treviño [00:27:08] Well you know Kristy I cannot I cannot thank you again for coming on the show and doing this. I think I hope everybody out there today really just got got a good little sense of pure joy.

Kristy Kerns [00:27:20] Yeah.

Rey Treviño [00:27:20] And maybe a little motivation. And that’s that’s what you know, as I told you, that’s what my show is about. I just want to be positive. I know it’s called the Crude Truth. And thank you to everybody out there that always watches or listens to the show. I can’t thank you, but I’m always, always welcome anybody on the show that wants to talk about anything because it’s something about just about being positive and promoting a positive. Well, that aura. So you did that today. So I cannot thank you enough for doing that and that can you give me that website one more time for everybody out there?

Kristy Kerns [00:27:49] Yes, Mastering your life with Kristy dot com

Rey Treviño [00:27:51] Okay. Well, Kristy, again, thank you so much it to all my listeners out there and people watching this episode. Thank you. Thank you as always. And we’ll see you again on another episode of The Crude Truth.



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