April 24

THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep.25 Keith Stelter


THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep.25 Keith Stelter

“We need more energy, not less of it.” My best friend from Canada Keith Stelter, joins me in the Southlake, TX studio for another amazing episode of THE CRUDE TRUTH!

We talk about West Texas, Science, Farmers, Ranchers, and Philippians 4:13 . . . .. .

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00:00 – Intro
02:30 – Talks about Sky High For Kids Donation
04:24 – Keith Shelter share a little bit about how he ended up in the great state of Texas?
05:50 – What you were doing the wireline there in Graham?
08:01 – Talks about Geothermal in Texas and Renewable Energy
11:59 – Tally Book troubleshooting
13:30 – Talks about Janie Snelson
18:27 – Talks about Stories and Guest on Tally Book Troubleshooting
20:46 – Talks about Matt Coday and Oil and Gas Association
23:54 – Talks about Clean up Drilling for Oil and Gas
25:22 – Talks about CO2 Emmissions
28:26 – Talks about 413 construction
29:26 – What kind of jobs we have done so far?
31:07 – How to Reach Keith Stelter
35:53 – Outro


THE CRUDE TRUTH Ep.25 Keith Stelter


Rey Trevino [00:00:00] They say when you come to the great state of Texas from the large country up north Canada, you definitely got to believe in yourself. We’ll talk about that and much more on this episode of The Crude Truth.

Rey Trevino [00:01:11] Well. Thank you for listening whatever day and time it is, please be sure to like us subscribe to us leave nothing but five-star reviews. I’m once again here at the newest Real News studios in South Lake., sitting here today with basically my best friend from Canada. But don’t tell him that because he is actually Texan in the heart. He’s definitely deep in the heart of Texas, I would say. My guest today is Keith Dallas. Keith, how are you?

Keith Stelter [00:01:42] I’m doing wonderful thanks for having me this is my first time ever in a real fancy studio like this so, you know, I’m honored to be here.

Rey Trevino [00:01:50] No, no, no. First of all, I’m honored what you’re doing right now thank you. And the reason why I’m honored is, one, because that hair looks amazing. Thank you. For all my listeners out there, this man has some great looking hair. He’s got the beard going on ladies he is married okay, But if you want to talk about a guy that probably looks like one of those throwback 1990s, late eighties hockey players, Keith is the Keith is your guy I will tell you that much.

Keith Stelter [00:02:16] It comes with you know, the upbringing and you know my last haircut was pretty expensive. So I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with my hair, you know, this time but you never know what could happen.

Rey Trevino [00:02:30] Now, when you talk about that, was that the one that you did, that challenge you did for the sky high?

Keith Stelter [00:02:36] Sky high for kids?

Rey Trevino [00:02:37] Yes.

Keith Stelter [00:02:37] You know, it raises a it’s a charity that raises funds for kids with cancer or other kind of diseases. And a lot of the money stays here in Texas. They work with St Jude’s and all that kind of thing. And what ended up happening a couple of years ago, I went to one of their banquets and people were donating their hair.

Keith Stelter [00:02:56] And it was generally, you know, as women obviously are, it’s more common, but my hair was already kind of a little bit long and I was doing a haircut and I was like, man, you know, they got a banquet coming up in a year in the Permian.

Keith Stelter [00:03:09] If I just kind of let my hair go for a year, I wonder if I could, you know, do something with it and it turned out it was probably borderline. There’d be a lot of arguments if it was long enough or not. But another great guy, a shout out to JP Warren, he came up and he was going to donate his hair and Gabriel Cruz and Nicholas Talent and they were all doing this.

Keith Stelter [00:03:29] So I kind of turned it into just, Hey, instead of sending donations, we turned it into a Permian versus Houston. Who can donate the most money for kids with cancer and in the end, the Permian came through and I ended up getting a haircut for $13,000. So that’s where now it’s kind of hard to go and pay for a haircut. You know, when I’m getting the money, you know, raise the money. So.

Rey Trevino [00:03:50] Man, well, yes, you live in Midland and so thank you very much for coming up. Just just to come to the studios and do this interview today, because you have been, as I like to say, blowing and going. You have been rock and roll in there in the Midland area for several years now to when you walk into town, it’s like, oh, yeah, I know. Keith.

Rey Trevino [00:04:12] Oh, yeah. KEITH You would think you were born and raised here, but you’re not. You are from Canada but that’s okay. I mean, they are our brother to the north. For those of you both of my listeners that don’t know your background, can you share a little bit about how you ended up in the great state of Texas?

Keith Stelter [00:04:28] Well, the Cliff Notes was, you know, I was raised up on a farm northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, and my dad hauled rigs in the wintertime when he wasn’t farming. And so I’ve always kind of been around the oil and gas industry. I ended up starting at a school with Schlumberger.

Keith Stelter [00:04:42] I always watch football movies and shows like that, so I was more into football than I was hockey so I always wanted to live in Texas. So, you know, that’s how the goal went with Schlumberger. It was like, Man, I want to work for you guys because eventually I want to transfer down to Texas.

Keith Stelter [00:04:58] So I originally, you know, 2006 got transferred down in Graham, Texas, met my wife in Cleburne, Texas, with all the Barnett Shale going on and got married and eventually got out to the Permian through, you know, changing jobs, moving around a little bit as the area manager for wireline with them before they, you know, shut down wireline for the U.S.

Keith Stelter [00:05:19] And then COVID hit and instead of being an operations guy for like I was for the last, you know, almost 20 years, ended up, you know, needing a job. So the case of necessity took to LinkedIn and a few other things and marketed myself and somehow got some attention and Big Bang Boom ended up here on The Crude Truth.

Rey Trevino [00:05:44] Fast forward it.

Keith Stelter [00:05:45] Yeah that’s the that’s the cliff notes for sure.

Rey Trevino [00:05:48] Well you know you talk about Graham what you were doing the wireline there in Graham.

Keith Stelter [00:05:52] Yeah you know that was right at the heart when it was pumped downs and it was starting and it was before you know a lot of the slick line, you know, or, you know, coded line stuff, it was still pretty new and. It was you know, they were still experimenting with like I remember doing runs with only two or three guns at the time, you know. And they had like 12, 14 shots in these things where now it’s 20 guns or something with one or two, you know, perps in it. And that’s kind of how the whole thing has evolved over the years.

Keith Stelter [00:06:27] So it’s I’ve seen some seismic you know, I was having a conversation with someone the other day. There’s wells that I’m not going to say who did them. But near Godley, Texas, will see in the seismic. They left like 70% of that stuff on frack downhole man like just because the way, you know, the fluid goes and no one ever really adjusts that a whole lot for my knowledge. But that’s why I’m like, re completing some of these horizontals might be something people want to look into these days.

Rey Trevino [00:06:57] We’ve we’ve looked into it at Pecos and we’ve got some leases near Graham and that’s been our bread and butter are re completions reworks you know by you know doing some refracts in there because especially in the Barnett Shale boom and even further back. Here in the great state of Texas, there always seems to be some form of the wild, wild west of let’s just get it out of the ground, Let’s let’s go and then get it out, get it pump and go, go get the next well.

Rey Trevino [00:07:28] And then as we’ve gotten older and as science has actually gotten better, which is kind of interesting, we can talk about science and climate change, but we won’t go on that one. But science has evolved and it shows like you just said, that there’s so much oil still down hole that we can actually go back in re complete rebirth or just rework a well real quick you know gets good old fashioned chemical down safe chemical you know and put one online so you know that whole area is a great spot for that type of work.

Keith Stelter [00:08:01] Well, you mentioned climate change as much other things you don’t do this, you know, maze of LinkedIn. I’ve run into so many other people, you know, geothermal, like in East Texas, it’s hot down. All right. Or South Texas, there’s a there’s some 300 degree, you know, plus stuff. And the biggest challenge for a lot of those guys in the geothermal is drilling the well. And I’m like, man, just come out here there’s wells.

Keith Stelter [00:08:23] You could trip over the wells that are out here once they’re done complete and you know, they were talking about the cost for one of their geothermal closed units. If it got 300 degrees downhole, it goes from 3 million to about $400,000, you know, and you can produce about a megawatt of power a day for like 30 years.

Keith Stelter [00:08:43] That’s to me. Okay, drain it, dry the oil and then start selling electricity for some of these things. And that ingenuity, I think Texas is the place to do it because, man, it’s always been a great place for me and that’s why I love, you know, raising my kids here.

Rey Trevino [00:08:59] Well, first of all, Texas is the best but I can’t confirm nor deny that Pecos is looking into geothermal. I think it is something we can use for the future and it’s something that you can technically that we’ve seen use almost all the same people that we’ve been using for 15 years in the oil and gas industry, you know, from drilling companies to because a lot of the network and the infrastructure is a lot of oil and gas. So we’re not really losing any jobs and we could be adding a few jobs down the road.

Keith Stelter [00:09:34] You know, the population is growing every day. We need more energy, not less of it. I don’t think the oil and gas industry should be afraid one bit of, you know, alternative energy uses should be working with them because one of the gases isn’t going away. Like you need plastics, you need materials like if all of a sudden you’re going to need diesel for forever I don’t care how many electric cars there is.

Keith Stelter [00:09:56] And the reason why you’re always going to need diesel is for harvest time on a farm. My father’s run into some guys because he takes his idea of a vacation, is driving around like Illinois and looking for farmers to talk to and he’s befriended a few of them.

Keith Stelter [00:10:14] And one of them actually tests out some electrical electric combines and the one, you know, big company, you know, I’m not going to say their name, brought them test this out. And he’s like, man works great how long to recharge this? Like 24 hours. He’s like, It’s garbage not what he’s like.

Keith Stelter [00:10:33] If I had to shut down for 24 hours during the window of harvest, he’s like, I would lose like a third of the third of the, you know, material. He’s just like, can’t, can’t be done till you can make it where you can fuel this thing up like a combine can in 15 minutes and keep going. Just go back to the drawing board.

Rey Trevino [00:10:52] And that’s what I tell people it’s like once we get an alternative fuel source that can be and the diesel rigs in the jet planes and in the ships, then we’ll have something. But until then, we won’t have real additional energy sources

Keith Stelter [00:11:08]  I think, you know, LNG could clean it up a little bit. I’ve talked to a bunch of those guys too with, you know, the little bit of a show that I have on LinkedIn, which is great. And it’s it’s amazing what’s out there. You know, even produce water. There’s great ways to use, you know, flare gas to clean up, produce water. I’d love for guys to stop using saltwater disposal wells and just clean up the water and start irrigating the Permian and turn it green one day and then everyone would stop complaining. It’s ugly and brown. You know what I mean?

Rey Trevino [00:11:37] So. Well, you know, you know, I think a million years ago it was probably pretty green and pretty. And I mean, that’s why there’s so much oil there, because at one time it was under the water and, you know, and it all the fossils and everything, you know. And so that’s why there’s so much oil there in the Permian. But you just mention something and it’s a podcast and it is your podcast it is Tally Book troubleshooting.

Keith Stelter [00:12:00] Yes, sir, Tally Book troubleshooting I usually hosted on Tuesdays, so I use the hashtag tally book Tuesday. So sometimes people call it to tell about Tuesday to book troubleshooting. You’re not going to hurt my feelings. I don’t know if I’d really even call it a podcast because I don’t really upload it. You know, it’s on YouTube, but for the most part, people watch it on LinkedIn and hopefully, you know, it’s just something kind of in the background that, you know, while you’re working, you got your browser open and LinkedIn’s in the background.

Keith Stelter [00:12:28] I’ve been real fortunate that people have kind of taken to it and and I’ve been invited to broadcasts from different areas like the, you know, PBS, you know, Permian Basin International Oil show. I’m going to Texas Tech there, Petrolia this short course, you know to broadcast from there a lot of production engineers and companies will be there and I’m being hosted by a ride companies you know taking me out there which is like, okay, great you know.

Rey Trevino [00:12:57] Yeah,.

Keith Stelter [00:12:57] I know it’s not part of our, you know, core business of what I sell, but it’s great just being out there and meeting people and you never know who the guy is that you’ll meet. Who is the next guy you know, your business needs to right? And it’s all about trying to maybe I can’t help with your construction or something today, but I know the rod guy over here that you should really talk to and just because of doing those sorts of things. So, you know, I yeah, I’ve been very, very fortunate doing well.

Rey Trevino [00:13:26] I wanted to make sure I got the name right because I know a good friend of yours, Janie Snelson. It gets upset if people don’t say tally book troubleshooter.

Keith Stelter [00:13:34] She is the one that came up with the name one day we were kind of brainstorming what we should come up with and shout out to her. She’s been a great mentor to me and welcome in. You know, the Permian is a pretty tight community. There’s, you know, people you want to get in with, people maybe you should sometimes avoid or something maybe there.

Keith Stelter [00:13:53] But Jamie’s definitely one of the good ones and she’s welcomed me in like family. The other day she took my kids out because it was spring break to the jump park and lunch and a bunch of other things driving around town and, you know, she’s, ah, pseudo, you know, adoptive grandparent out there. So she loves them and we love her and, you know.

Keith Stelter [00:14:16] You know, she reached out to me on LinkedIn, like for a lot of these things, she saw the content I was putting out there. She’s like, man, why isn’t this guy? You know, it was when I was looking for my job, you know, during COVID. Why isn’t this guy you know, I know it’s slow, but discussion of a job. And she met with me and so she’s been pretty.

Keith Stelter [00:14:35] You know, if I really need help with something, I was like, man, I wish I could go talk to so-and-so and she’s like, Oh, just let me get on the phone. And she’s like, I don’t do that for a lot anybody else. Keith And I’m like, I understand.

Keith Stelter [00:14:45]  Now that I’m working with a lot of more midstream people, she she doesn’t have those connections. I’m finally getting the chance to return the favor and introduce her some, you know, facilities people and and a few others. So it’s been it’s been a great, you know, great journey there.

Rey Trevino [00:15:01] And I’ve had an opportunity to meet her once my good friend Brian Lawler, who’s actually here in studio today, I invited him and but he was also say that I better mention Janie or else, you know, he was saying a few things, but I had an opportunity to meet her. Brian introduced me to her at the wildcatters in Midland. I’m a member here, Fort Worth, and just such a nice lady.

Rey Trevino [00:15:22] In the 5 minutes I was there, she included me in every conversation, you know, right there. Because walk out of this packed I think it was for Double Eagle, I think. And I mean, it was packed and so right there in our little group and it was she brought somebody somebody new walked into the group she included in the group. Okay. This is such and such and just so. Yes, no shout out to Miss Jamie very nicely.

Keith Stelter [00:15:44] And she’s, you know, done it the right way for a lot of years out there and to the point where, you know, Clay Gaspar is the one that gave her her nickname. You know, Clay, like, I’m pretty sure he’s the COO of Devon, right? Yeah. Gave her the nickname the unofficial mayor of Midland. So when you get someone like that, you know, doing that, it like I said, shout out to her. She’s been a huge influence and. Me because I know between her and my wife, because I wasn’t a salesman at all.

Rey Trevino [00:16:12] My operations.

Keith Stelter [00:16:13] I was an operations guy. And how admit operations is easier because people have to listen to you. You know, your employees have to as a salesman to get someone you don’t know to get their attention, then listen to you with any kind of respect is quite the journey that you have to take, because at the end of the day, they don’t I don’t have to listen to you. And that, you know, if you’re a smarter guy and you’ve been around, that’s sometimes a big hit to the ego and it’s sales is a big ride. And my wife went to Baylor for professional sales.

Rey Trevino [00:16:46] Oh, wow.

Keith Stelter [00:16:47] So she is very successful in her own right. So whenever I, you know, need something, you know, I shout out to Aaron and my wife, she made this like, that’s her. That’s their luck. She’s like this. I made this.

Rey Trevino [00:17:00] Well, you know, during COVID, I was on with I did a show with JP Warren a while back, and I did my bout in sales a little bit during COVID because we didn’t know exactly what may or may not happen.

Rey Trevino [00:17:12] And so if anybody in the sales world reaches out, I give them 5 minutes because I know what it’s like to be on the other side of that, to knock on the door and say, Hey, how are you? I’m you know, I’m such and such and I’m selling a widget today can I tell you why am I widgets better than the other guy’s gadget?

Rey Trevino [00:17:31] And, you know, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. And the same thing, like you just said, you usually can even build a relationship to where maybe not exactly this product’s going to work, but you might know somebody. But relationships are cultivated and, you know, I tell people that I met my wife the old fashioned way. You know, we met at a public place and I had to go up to her and go, Hi, how are you?

Rey Trevino [00:17:55] And so I think that was at least enough to sale, okay, maybe I can go at least talk to some other people because it’s different nowadays. I mean, you mentioned LinkedIn and social media. I mean, the way people really are able to expand their reach these days with those. So I think it’s pretty cool that you that you have that knowledge on the operations side to now come in and have Tally book troubleshooting. And I mean, just talk about that you’ve had some pretty great guests and you’ve had some pretty wild stories on your show there.

Keith Stelter [00:18:28] I had one lady, she was running a charity in Houston you know, she was sitting down. It was at the Roseland Oil and Gas show. Yeah. Sits down. This other guy kind of introduces. And she survived a plane crash.

Rey Trevino [00:18:39] Yeah,.

Keith Stelter [00:18:39] A 747 like a 737. Like, not the biggest plane, but like, still, like hundreds of people on the plane

Rey Trevino [00:18:45] Oh, yeah,.

Keith Stelter [00:18:47] And she survived this and I was like, We’re sorry what just happened now? You started this because of the trauma of surviving a plane crash I’ve had, you know, recently I had a leadership, one where I had a gentleman from the NFL, a former topgun instructor, a corporate, you know, trainer.

Rey Trevino [00:19:06] Yeah,.

Keith Stelter [00:19:06] I’m like a Top Gun instructor.

Rey Trevino [00:19:07] Yeah.

Keith Stelter [00:19:09] Shout out to John Minyard, like, we’ve been pretty good friends. Like, even sent me a hat for my dad’s, you know, 72nd birthday where, you know, like, right from the gun school. Like what? Like I got the legitimate top gun patch and stuff like it as a kid growing up in the 80s, you know, watching Top Gun.

Rey Trevino [00:19:26] Yeah.

Keith Stelter [00:19:26] Like nothing was cooler, man and he, you know, call signs the flash and it’s it’s pretty bad ass right? He even gave me a you know I have my unofficial call sign and stuff too and it was like the stuff that’s come from LinkedIn too.

Keith Stelter [00:19:42] And then, you know, when I did get hired, yeah, I started something to give back and I think that has actually been way bigger than Tally Book troubleshooting like I have what’s called Pay It Forward Friday.

Rey Trevino [00:19:53] Okay.

Keith Stelter [00:19:54] And I’ve featured people who, you know, one of the best ones was just recently a Tyler over Tyler Larkin was that is but anyway the guy you know they were closing down his shop. Janie reached out hey, could you feature this guy? Sure.

Keith Stelter [00:20:09] The guy had seven job offers within 24 hours of the post going off in about like 20 interviews after a week like, it was great. Like it the power of on that platform, if you really want to utilize it, is amazing. And so I’ve tried tried my best to give back and help people because it’s it’s been a huge help to me right.

Rey Trevino [00:20:32] Well, Keith, you know, I’m glad you brought up giving back because that is how you and I have been able to connect is through you giving back. And you’ve just recently or not recently but you’re on the board for the Oil and Gas Workers Association, is that correct?

Keith Stelter [00:20:46] That’s correct, yes. Matt Cody, I met him a couple of years ago someone suggested you do an interview with him and I shoot from the hip for my interviews are very, very rudimentary record on my phone, most of them.

Keith Stelter [00:21:00] And he’s the only interview I re-did because I never do it and I just stopped you know, 10 minutes in and I’m like, Matt, we’re going off the rails here. I don’t know, you know, if this is how you kind of want this to go, okay, let’s try this a different way. And it’s the only time that Coday, you know, is the only one I ever re-did.

Keith Stelter [00:21:24] Good guy heart’s in the right place wants to, you know, be a positive. I want him to be a positive force for oil and gas workers. And sometimes you kind of got a real man and be like, you don’t need to attack that person you know what I mean?

Keith Stelter [00:21:37] Like it just let’s just just say all the great things we’re doing here because we want to win people to our side. And yes, we recently did this water drive to help the people of East Palestine. And you know that that worked out great and happy to be a part of something like that.

Rey Trevino [00:21:54] Well, that in that was the drive that I want to talk about that you guys, I don’t know how many pallets, but it’s been at least two truckloads that y’all have sent up to Ohio.

Keith Stelter [00:22:04] You know, we were getting a great deal from Sam’s Club it was about $200 a pallet of at least 48 cases pallet. I don’t know what it worked out to, but we had a few thousand dollars, you know, raised and then people just dropping off individually pallets themselves and that, you know, very happy to do things like that.

Rey Trevino [00:22:25] No we had an opportunity to interview Matt while he was there with that first load on The Crude Truth that we did an exclusive that’s pretty cool so a thank you to Matt for for allowing us but you know it’s kind of weird how that whole thing has just dropped off the map and it’s a darn shame because those guys are going to be filling this for the next 30 years.

Keith Stelter [00:22:46] Well, you know, I was going to drop off even faster and then, you know, bringing a little bit of attention to it at least forced, you know, some people to go and show up and address it, which we’re glad we were kind of a part of that.

Keith Stelter [00:23:01] We were able to raise some of that but there’s stuff like that going on all over the country where, you know, there’s only so many people you can help. But. At the end of the day, you got to at least try.

Rey Trevino [00:23:13] Mean you have to and I know that’s one thing that you in the Oil and Gas Works Association have been doing and you all were part of the movement to get President Biden. I do my best to show a little bit of respect to get part of the North Slope up in Alaska to be open for production.

Rey Trevino [00:23:32] And so he’s assigned a little bit of that but I know that the Oil and Gas Workers Association sent out a petition saying, hey, man, sign this petition let’s let’s let’s drill, baby, drill. And I think that just shows that you guys are pro oil, but really, you’re really pro American jobs. And I think that’s the way to really look at what you guys are doing over there at the OGWA.

Keith Stelter [00:23:53] And, you know, the biggest thing is to try to pivoted to education. Right? Why is it pro American jobs? Why isn’t it antique? We’re not anti against the climate. It’s not 1985 anymore. There’s plenty of great technologies out there to clean up drilling, do it the right way. There’s lots of companies doing it, though.

Keith Stelter [00:24:15] There’s still companies that kind of cut corners and do that but we got to be the ones to police those, in my opinion, and do a better job of holding. You know, if you’re not doing it right, you got to be held accountable because it blows back on all of us, right?

Rey Trevino [00:24:30] No. Yeah, it’s you know, if it looks bad on you, it looks in Oil and Gas. It looks bad on everybody if you’re not doing the job right. And earlier, you know, I mentioned about how science has really evolved.

Rey Trevino [00:24:40] And because of the science of evolution, we’re able to drill cleaner, we’re able to find oil. You know, that’s one thing I tell people these days is like I’m it’s not about me not finding the oil anymore. It’s about it’s harder now to get it out of the ground properly than it is to find the oil. You know, with the completions and every well being different, it’s actually harder to produce the oil out than it is to find it these days.

Keith Stelter [00:25:04] Well, and even producing the oil isn’t the big, you know, demand right now or the big producer, the CO2 that everyone’s kind of worried about. It’s the refining process. And those refining refineries are way, way behind in technology when it’s not necessarily like that.

Keith Stelter [00:25:21] I had a show where we had some guys talk about marginal refineries and what they can do. They can clean up seven 95% of the CO2 produced and they can be on such a small footprint that they can they don’t even need a federal permit.

Keith Stelter [00:25:36] And you can put it in places like DFW or Midland or places where, you know, Barnett Oil is being produced and use it to refine and clean up a lot of the CO2, clean up the transportation instead of shipping it all the way to Houston to be refined and that frees up pipeline space. So there’s if the industry really wants there are solutions to it.

Rey Trevino [00:25:58] There are solutions the thing is that a lot of you know, you mentioned CO2. You know, we have dramatically reduced our CO2 emissions since the seventies to where I think it’s like not even a percent anymore or something like that is what we do here in America as a whole.

Rey Trevino [00:26:13] So I find that interesting that people are still on us to clean up our CO2 emissions. Actually, I find it most interesting that people are on us to clean up when, you know, I do believe in like, Hey, you want to make a change, change yourself or change what y’all are doing. I believe in that 110%.

Rey Trevino [00:26:32] However, when America is already the gold standard on producing clean oil and gas has the cleanest air, one of the some of the cleanest air in the world, especially for a civilized, you know, major, not a what do they call China and India, a up and coming country.

Keith Stelter [00:26:49] Yeah,.

Rey Trevino [00:26:50] But we are a major superpower that is the cleanest that we still need to do more here in America. You know, saying, no, no, no, we’ve already done everything that we can like, you know, go to Venezuela, go to Iran and see how they’re drilling there, which.

Keith Stelter [00:27:04] To me, I think CO2 has been blown out of proportion. I had a great another great guest on who was talking about, you know, and he’s a bigwig at a big oil company. I won’t mention his name, but he was like, The increase in CO2 has drought proof crops in India. It has made the Sierra the greenest it’s ever been you know, the Sierra like the desert.

Rey Trevino [00:27:23] Yeah,.

Keith Stelter [00:27:25] It’s  not it’s not the boogeyman that everyone makes it out to be. Plants it. I don’t want poisons going out there. I don’t want poisons in the water. So, you know, it’s a matter of perspective and education. And that’s, you know, the oil and gas workers a big thing to try and tell, Matt, is we got to educate people not just on oil and gas and cleaner, better ways to produce it, but also that CO2 isn’t the end of the world, too and, you know.

Keith Stelter [00:27:54] Take a look at Plymouth Rock. It’s on the shore there on the East Coast it’s carved in it 1620 and was on the shore in 16, 2400 years ago. We’ve gone through the industrial revolution and it’s somehow the water didn’t go over it and stuff yet. So I don’t know why the next ten years is going to be the ultimate backbreaker to make it over over that rock. But that’s why education’s kind of got to matter.

Rey Trevino [00:28:19] Well, you know, you mentioned there about the Industrial revolution. You know, you’re in the construction game with 413 construction, Correct?

Keith Stelter [00:28:28] Four, four, one three. Mechanical, Yes. A great company started out in North Dakota. 413 is not the area code. It’s from Philippians 413. You know, I can do all things with the power of Christ. Is the nice little what it was based on the scripture.

Keith Stelter [00:28:47] And they have a big manufacturing facility up in North Colorado.

Rey Trevino [00:28:52] Okay.

Keith Stelter [00:28:53] The head office is in North Dakota, but we just recently opened up a nice big shop, nice big paint booth and everything in South Odessa. And we started making a few breakthroughs there, started in January with these guys.

Keith Stelter [00:29:07] So once again, nobody kind of heard of us you know, in the last couple months we got followers on our page and jobs kind of coming in. I got a pretty decent couple opportunities coming our way. We’ve already kind of done a couple of jobs in the area so…

Rey Trevino [00:29:26] What kind of jobs we have done so far?

Keith Stelter [00:29:28] So we’ve done some grout and concrete work with, you know, some midstream companies or another midstream company has us doing their structural steel at platforms and stairs. We got some headers, skids and lateral skids, and we’re completely piping up and doing the you know, we even partner up.

Keith Stelter [00:29:45] We don’t do electrical, but we’ll partner up with electrical iron company so that they can come finish it off. So then it’s just one module piece and we ship it out to location, you know, with some generator moves.

Keith Stelter [00:29:57] I actually just spoke to a guy a bigger company has got a whole bunch of compressors they want to move and they don’t want to adjust the pads too much, so they just want to grout it in place, even if it’s two inches of grout and that’s right up our alley our guys do that. So there’s some great opportunities.

Keith Stelter [00:30:13] I heard you had a road to build at one point, so I’m still hoping you’ll let me build your road because we do do earthworks. But yeah, no, it’s been I originally went to school for civil engineering and I ended up in wireline, if you can believe it. But so it’s taken me a little over 20 years to get back to construction I did concrete piles right out of school for about six months now and road building.

Rey Trevino [00:30:37] Really?

Keith Stelter [00:30:38] Yeah.

Rey Trevino [00:30:39] Oh, yeah. Concrete’s a joke that’s a that’s hard work right there. I mean, but yeah, sometimes I think when you’re putting concrete downhole, you know, cement encasing, they make it look easy. I know it’s a big orchestra compared to the guys that come out for the, you know, to do a look back here at all the concrete work that’s been done for the pavement on the road.

Keith Stelter [00:31:01] Yeah, really is where it comes down to and you got to know what you’re doing with rebar to make sure it actually works or you know, your fiber to make sure that’s strength, you know, because oilfield concrete is it is a different animal, that’s for sure but you don’t want to end up with a giant pencil down hall either.

Rey Trevino [00:31:17] Oh, heck, no you dont!

Keith Stelter [00:31:19]  They’ll run you off for that one.

Rey Trevino [00:31:21] Shoot. Yeah, just a little bit. It’s a little bit more like a tough time to go and no, no, don’t take anything just go. And. But it sounds like you do know a thing or two about civil engineering there. I tell you what,

Keith Stelter [00:31:32] You know, it’s. I know enough to be dangerous that’s all I tell the guys. I didn’t even really tell them that was that I went to school there. I let them try it because they they treat me sometimes. Maybe I’m just a dumb salesman or something. I’m like, you know, I. I might know a little bit more than what you might think they came to me. I know enough to ask a question.

Rey Trevino [00:31:53] Well, Keith, okay, I got to ask you, you know, for individuals that are listening to today that want to talk to you about 413 or the OGWA. way, or if they might have a great story for tally book troubleshooting, how can they reach you?

Keith Stelter [00:32:07] LinkedIn is going to be one of the best you know my name, Keith Stelter. You can search me there are a few key filters on LinkedIn, but I’m generally the most popular one on there I’ve found so I will pop up on the on the feed. You can reach me an email, you know, KStelter@413mechanical.com that’s one way. I don’t know if I give my my cell number out. I get enough spam or something

Rey Trevino [00:32:36] All those Hockey fan but but ladies

Keith Stelter [00:32:39] LinkedIn definitely is the way I’m pretty easy to find on the table I think.

Rey Trevino [00:32:45] I think so and you know, I think what you do with Pay It for Fridays is awesome. I think, you know, I don’t want to I know what you’re doing in Midland is huge and I mean that in Odessa, excuse Midland, Odessa but, you know, it’s like it’s almost like a small Dallas Fort Worth rivalry type of thing.

Keith Stelter [00:33:04] And I actually do live in Odessa, but I have let it slide that you said, you know, Midland a few more times than Odessa. But, you know, I it’s been a great town for me and my kids. I’ll always remember how it especially Odessa.

Keith Stelter [00:33:16] Odessa even was better than Midland, in my opinion my kids never had to wear masks to school. We had neighbors all the neighbors kids got to play together. So develop wise, you know, they didn’t miss out on anything. And I’ll always be thankful for that because even talking. I’m from Alberta they used to talk about Alberta being the Texas of Canada, and it was not that way during COVID.

Rey Trevino [00:33:40] Well, let’s say you actually grew up with Justin Trudeau, right?

Keith Stelter [00:33:44] I grew up I left before that happened, you know, So I it’s it’s been nice. I kind of left the U.S. during the Obama years and then after that came back. So I’ve been kind of being able to pick and choose you know.

Rey Trevino [00:34:00] I have a joke about the.

Keith Stelter [00:34:02] So I my wife, same kind of deal we could get into politics, but I don’t want to get anybody. I’m all for different sides and different perspectives. But at the end of the day, you kind of got to make a choice.

Rey Trevino [00:34:16] Oh, man. Well, Keith, I cannot again, thank you so much for coming out from Odessa. Ah, to come do this, because what you’re doing, people need to know about it. So please, everybody out there, please, you know, look up. Tally Book troubleshooting Keith Stetler, 413 Mechanical.

Rey Trevino [00:34:36] And what they’re doing over there is great work and also what he’s doing for his charities is also great work. Let’s see if we can make him grow his hair out for another year and then maybe, maybe charge him 20 grand for a haircut next year.

Keith Stelter [00:34:48] Ooh, that would be pretty interesting.

Rey Trevino [00:34:49] That would be. That could be.

Keith Stelter [00:34:51] . It’s definitely a challenge to to be had, for sure.

Rey Trevino [00:34:54] Well, a Keith thanks for coming to everyone out there. Please be sure to, like, subscribe and we’ll see you next time on the next episode of The Crude Truth.



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