January 17

Scholz booed at handball match (VIDEO)


The chancellor has the lowest approval ratings for a German leader in over two decades, according to recent polls

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz received a less than warm welcome from fans when he attended a Berlin handball match on Sunday, in an apparent show of discontent with his policies. He is one of the least popular leaders in recent German history, according to polls.

The incident occurred during a match between the national teams of Germany and North Macedonia, being held at the sold-out Mercedes-Benz Arena during the European Men’s Handball Championship.

The German team ultimately won with a score of 34-25. At one point during the match, the stadium announcer decided to mention Scholz’s presence, welcoming him as an honored guest. However, instead of applause and cheers, the chancellor was met with loud boos and whistles from the more than 13,000 spectators in attendance. The noise lasted for several seconds.

As quoted by the tabloid Bild, the sports director of the German Handball Federation, Axel Kromer, reacted by saying: “In general, it’s not nice for us at all when our guests are booed. But the last few weeks have shown that there is a basic mood in Germany that unfortunately made these whistles not unlikely.”  

According to an ARD Germany survey released earlier in January, Scholz’s approval ratings have fallen off a cliff in recent months, with only 19% of respondents stating he was doing a “good job,” making him the least popular German leader since 1997, according to Bild.

The dissatisfaction with Scholz and his policies has culminated in waves of prolonged protests across Germany that have wreaked havoc on the country’s transportation network. Farmers outraged by the government’s decision to cut diesel subsidies and tax breaks for the agricultural sector have used their tractors in recent weeks to block roads and highways. Meanwhile, train drivers dissatisfied with their working hours and skyrocketing inflation announced a large-scale strike last week, further exacerbating nationwide transport disruptions.

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has suggested that Berlin’s decision to slash agricultural spending while ramping up its military support for Ukraine could ultimately lead to a Ukrainian-style Maidan coup toppling the German chancellor.

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