January 3

Ep #16 The Crude Truth sits down with David Henry, President and CEO of Status Jet, and we talk about controlling your own destiny.


Another great episode of THE CRUDE TRUTH. We talk to David Henry, President/CEO at Status Jet, and we cover some headlines on “The rich and famous” and business issues. You can’t mention the energy space without talking about private jets. Getting from Dallas to Midland and then to Houston on the same day on Southwest. With offices in Paris and Dallas, they cover vital areas for people not wanting to jump on commercial airlines.

Oil companies have even saved vast amounts of money by getting emergency supplies and keeping rigs up and running. Some of those rigs can even cost up to one million per day if they are down. FedEx does not get it there.

David predicted the problems before Christmas and the advantages he saw for his clients in Covid. You would be surprised about the cost/benefit of private versus commercial.

Thanks, David, for stopping by the Crude Truth podcast. – Rey

David Henry

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David Henry, Satus Jet

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